ANIME NYC AND CRUNCHYROLL POSTER 2018-05-18T20:07:28+00:00


Anime NYC launched last year powered by Crunchyroll, and we’re proud to have their continued support in 2018. Crunchyroll will be at Anime NYC in a big way, and you can look forward to special premieres, events, and exclusives to be announced over the coming months.

And here we’re proud to showcase 2018’s official Anime NYC & Crunchyroll collaboration art!

Illustrated by Nashira Schuster and overseen by Crunchyroll Creative Producer Victoria Holden, the art features Crunchyroll Hime and her cat Yuzu atop the Brooklyn Bridge all set for a new adventure!

This art will appear on posters this summer around NYC, and you can take one home by visiting the Anime NYC booth at conventions across the East Coast including the Castle Point Anime Convention, Five Points Festival, AnimeNEXT, BoroughCon, and Otakon!

Nashira Schuster’s Art

Anime NYC’s 2018 Poster