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We love cosplay at Anime NYC, and we love meet ups – so all weekend long we’re putting together a series of Official Cosplay Meet Ups, and we’re sending our photographer to capture the awesomeness! Here’s how it works…

  • Our Official Cosplay Meet Ups will take place at specific times and places which will be listed right here.
  • Our photographer will be at all our Meet Ups calling out various poses, pairings, and shots. (Look for them in their staff shirt!) Feel free to recommend additional shots throughout each photoshoot.
  • We’ll post ALL the photos on Facebook and here after Anime NYC wraps for you to grab, download, and share however you want!

But before we can list all our Official Meet Ups, we need to know what Meet Ups you want! Tell us what Meet Ups you’d like to be part of, and we’ll include all the favorites in our schedule!

Our Official Meet Up voting is now closed, and our full meet up schedule will be live by Sept 25th!