Want to meet with other cosplayers? Be part of a Dragon Ball brawl? Or a Sailor Moon reunion? See below for Anime NYC’s schedule of cosplay meetups. We’ll be adding more every week leading up to Anime NYC, and if you’d like to host your own, click here.

  • Please note all meetups are submitted and hosted by fans. Anime NYC does not directly organize any cosplay meetups.
  • The Javits Center is a big place, but we have one official cosplay meetup area – the South Concourse. This is a large glass-enclosed lobby between our main lobby and our panel hall, and you’ll see it on the map below.

If you have any cosplay meetup questions, please reach out to


Fate/Type Moon 1:30 PM Li & SargentJY This is a gathering for cosplayers of Fate franchise and other Type Moon works Facebook
Medaka Box 1:30 PM Melvin A meetup of fans of Medaka, Zenkichi, and everyone from Hakoniwa Academy and the Student Council and the awesome underrated battle shounen series from Shonen Jump! Facebook
Resident Evil 1:30 PM Sinne Abbadon For any Resident Evil cosplayers, let’s see how many of us we can get together for a fun photoshoot Facebook
Bungo Stray Dogs 2:30 PM D-Sensei Both ability users and typical humans are welcome at this Bungo Stray Dogs photoshoot/meetup! Facebook
Fire Emblem 2:30 PM Chibi_diane_cosplays A meetup for all the Fire Emblem cosplayers Facebook
Pokemon 3:30 PM TriforceDelgeezy This will be my first hosting a meetup! Facebook
Naruto 4:30 PM Bamala Cosplay Naruto Meetup! All forms welcome (even Deadpool) Facebook
One Piece 4:30 PM BrezzyCosplay Your Favorite Fandom is at Anime NYC! Come see your favorite pirates go head-to-head! Facebook
PROMARE 4:30 PM CRAZiECRiSSiE Cosplay/Fan meetup Facebook
Dragon Ball 5:30 PM animefratboy Anyone who is cosplaying from the Dragon Ball franchise can come and have fun Facebook
Yakuza / Ryu Ga Gotoku 5:30 PM Prim A photoshoot for SEGA’s Yakuza series, or other games by the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio such as Judgement and/or Fist of the North Star. Facebook
Fullmetal Alchemist 6:30 PM nevernevillandcosplay Fans and cosplayers alike join us in the wonderful world of alchemy Facebook
Mortal Kombat 6:30 PM Cosvoid Since the new game just came out, we want to celebrate with all cosplayers in their Mortal Kombat outfits. Facebook
Dorohedoro 7:30 PM drhdr Humans, sorcerers, and devils meet up! Eventbrite
Pop Dance! 7:30 PM Angel Moon Whether it’s K-Pop or J-Pop. We going to get to the popping it up in dance! You don’t need to know the dance moves to dance. Come to have fun!!! Facebook
Smash Bros & RPGs 7:30 PM MegaKunn I’m going to be Erdrick Friday and Saturday afternoon so I kinda want to see other Smash cosplayers and any RPGs cosplayers Facebook


Revue Starlight 11 AM Starshine Theater Let’s all Starlight together! Facebook
Assassination Classroom 12 PM Bamala Cosplay This is the big Class E school photo for the yearbook Facebook
Ensemble Stars! 12 PM SoariaMoons Cosplay For both Ensemble Stars! fans and cosplayers! Let’s come together and have a fun photo shoot/meetup Facebook
Black Clover 1 PM Kemarwr To meet up and take group photos Facebook
Gundam 1 PM Nanopocalypse Calling all pilots and mobile suits! Let’s celebrate Gundam’s 40th anniversary in style! Cosplay from any series/era is welcome! Website
Homestuck 1 PM Mack A fun Homestuck meetup for fans to mingle, hang out, and take some awesome photos! Facebook
Persona 1 PM Steve Vo This is for the cosplayers and fans of the popular Persona video game/JRPG series here at Anime NYC 2019. Facebook
Danganronpa 2 PM Team Mike Hey Danganronpa fans and cosplayers, let’s have fun hanging out and taking some great photos! Facebook
Granblue Fantasy Fan Gathering 2 PM ACParadise Fans of Granblue Fantasy, we need backup! Show off your cosplay, take photos, and talk about Granblue with fellow players! Facebook
Love Live! 2 PM Garden State Sunshine The Love Live! cosplay photoshoot hosted by the NJ LL community! Characters from the entire series are welcome. Facebook
My Hero Academia 2 PM Catsonmycosplay Cosplayers who are coming as My Hero Academia characters! Facebook
BanG Dream! 3 PM coobie A rockin’, boppin’, kirakiradokidoki cosplay meetup to celebrate Miku Ito’s East Coast debut performance! Facebook
Digimon 3 PM Jinn W From the original Digi-Destined onwards, come represent your favorite characters in cosplay! Facebook
Fate/Type Moon 3 PM Li & SargentJY This is a gathering for cosplayers of Fate franchise and other Type Moon works Facebook
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 3 PM Dave Nero Full of Bizarre poses and talented, dedicated cosplayers/fans! Facebook
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
3 PM Deep Dive Anime Make a contract with us and become a magical girl! A photoshoot for any cosplayers from Madoka Magica and associated media. Meet up to celebrate the North American release of Magia Record and hype the new series coming January 2020! Eventbrite
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba 4 PM 63percentcats A meetup for all Demon Slayer cosplayers. I will be in touch with a photographer interested in taking photos of us (individual and group if possible). Facebook
Kingdom Hearts 4 PM The Seekers A photoshoot for Kingdom Hearts/Disney cosplayers Facebook
Tokusatsu, Power Rangers, Super Sentai, Kamen Rider, and Metal Heroes 4 PM Cosvoid This is an All-Tokusatsu Meetup. Last year, I did a Power Rangers and Super Sentai meetup, but this year I want to invite all heroes. Facebook
Touhou Project 4 PM Youmu’s Spooky Wifi Meetup and photoshoot for the Touhou Project Facebook
Disney 5 PM Paige (Pikachu) (My first time hosting a Disney Photoshoot) Disney characters unite (right after the Kingdom Hearts photoshoot at 4pm OwO) Regardless of your Disney cosplay (human, animal-gijinka, bodysuit, original alternatives, etc.) All Kingdom Hearts characters are welcomed. As well as Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, KidsWB, Fox Kids, Miraculous Ladybug, Star Wars, Marvel, Tim Burton Movies, characters since they are all related. For All Ages! Facebook
Harajuku Fashion NYC Meetup 5 PM ACDC RAG & Creep-P People who like Harajuku-style fashion gather to have a chat and a photo session. There will also be an outfit contest and the winner will receive a prize from ACDC RAG. Facebook
Neon Genesis Evangelion 5 PM cosplay.cutiee and A fun meetup of new fans and old fans to show off and get pictures of various cosplays inspired by the show Website
Sailor Moon 5 PM Rizuki Gather with your fellow Sailor Moon cosplayers and fans to enjoy a magical hour of love and justice together at our meetup/photoshoot! Facebook
Bungo Stray Dogs 6 PM Eggpuffprincess and Shyjupiter Calling all ability users to come forth and meet others alike! Facebook
Dr. STONE 6 PM InfiniteZeke Let’s build the Kingdom of Science together! Facebook
Avatar: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra 7 PM Fantastic Cosplay Just a bunch of Avatar and Korra nerds coming together to meetup, talk, and take fandom pictures. Facebook
The iDOLM@STER 7 PM iDOLM@STER Fan A meetup for iDOLM@STER fans and cosplayers! Facebook


In addition to everything in our Meetup Area, you’re invited to the MONOGATARI Cosplay Contest at 12 PM today at the Vertical Booth (1617). Come to the Vertical Booth in MONOGATARI cosplay for a chance to win a special MONOGATARI illustration signed by VOFAN and more awesome prizes!

Bleach 12 PM Anime Cosplayers East Come and unleash your BANKAI! Facebook
Disabled & Cognitive Health Cosplayers 12 PM Paige (Pikachu) This has been an annual shoot at ConnectiCon for the past 3 years there. As a NY resident however, I want to try bringing it to an anime convention more local to me. Facebook
Uta no Prince-sama 12 PM Luna Mirage All Uta Pri fans are invited to join us either in cosplay or just showing off your best boy merch! Facebook
Death Note 1 PM Amy Death Note cosplay group photo meetup in the South Concourse Facebook
Fairy Tail 2 PM Bamala Cosplay My group will be doing the Grand Magic Games Arc! However all Fairy Tail cosplayers are welcome Facebook
Fate/Grand Order 3 PM Gina This is a story about taking back our future! Let’s have fun hanging out there! Instagram
Seven Deadly Sins 3 PM cosplaybybelle This is going to be a fun Seven Deadly Sins themed meetup where you can meet other cosplayers and get some photos taken Facebook