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Anime NYC is proud to bring the Tokyo concert experience to New York City on Friday and Saturday nights with two big video concerts. Each will feature an awesome Japanese concert recorded live, the lights down low, the music loud, and free light sticks for all attendees!

ClariS Video Concert: ClariS Meets Nippon Budokan – New York Premiere

The New York premiere of the ClariS Meets Nippon Budokan ~ Two Masks and The Lost Sun ~ Video Concert! Attendees of this special screening will get the opportunity to see masked Japanese girl duo ClariS’ live concert at the legendary Nippon Budokan Arena in Japan, receive a FREE ClariS light stick, and maybe see ClariS reveal their faces for the first time!

LiSA Video Concert: LiVE is Smile Always~Little Devil Parade~ US Premiere


Join us for the US Video Concert Premiere of LiSA’s LiVE is Smile Always~Little Devil Parade~! Dubbed J-Pop’s “Rock Heroine”, LiSA’s catchy melodies and irresistibly energetic performances have broken both genre and language barriers!

After gaining initial prominence in 2010 as a vocalist singing songs for the anime series Angel Beats!, LiSA went on to sing for Fate/Zero, Sword Art Online, Nisekoi, and My Hero Academia. LiSA’s “crossing field” from Sword Art Online is one of most downloaded Japanese songs on iTunes in the US to date!

LiSA is the only Japanese artist to headline both anime and rock festivals, selling out both the legendary Nippon Budokan and Saitama Super Arena. And having completed a solo tour in Asia and performed in the US and Mexico, LiSA now continues to expand her presence and support all over the world!

Attendees of this video concert will get to witness LiSA’s Saitama Super Arena performance for the first time in North America and will receive a free LiSA light stick!