Go!Go!Curry!America!!! – Sunday – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM – 1E02
What in the world is Go!Go!Curry!? Why is there a gorilla on the front? Did you know Go!Go!Curry! collaborated with different anime over the years? Come on over and let us tell you about our restaurant!

Cosplaying Anime – Adding realism to cartoon costumes – Sunday – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM – 1E06
Ever wanted to cosplay an anime character, but just found their costume too… simple? Just because your favorite anime character has a basic costume, doesn’t mean you have to! Learn about ways to use historical references, embellishments, and apparel construction techniques to add realistic touches that will bring your anime based costume to life in the real world.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba English Dub Screening – Sibling’s Bond (Episode 1-5) – Sunday – 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM – 1E09
Enter the realm of demons as the smash hit show “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” comes to Anime NYC! Don’t miss this special screening of the feature length special edition of Episode 1-5 the “Sibling’s Bond” starring Zach Aguilar, Abby Trott, Johnny Yong Bosch, and more!

Kodansha & Vertical Present Manga in 2020 and Beyond – Sunday – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM – 1E13
A new decade brings a new age of exciting manga, so be among the first to hear all about it! Kodansha Comics and Vertical Comics proclaim the conquest of Madison Square Garden by the Colossus Titan from Attack on Titan, announce their brand-new print and digital licenses, and answer your questions, with a special guest editor from Japan to give an insider’s look at how your favorite shojo and josei manga are born. Best of all, every attendee will receive a free 200-page manga paperback, and a lucky few will receive Kodansha Comics 10-year anniversary pins and other cool stuff!

Insider Secrets on How to Build a Successful Career as a Creator – Sunday – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM – 1E15
Curious to learn more about how agents and editors choose creators to work with? Want to understand what it takes to stand out, and how to strategically build your career? In this panel/workshop, get the scoop on how to find mentors, improve your work, and build a following so you have the best chance for success as a published creator.

Cyalume Dance and Wotagei Workshop – Sunday – 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM – 1E17
Ever wished you could rock out to your favorite anime songs and Japanese music with other passionate fans instead of just sitting there and listening to it? Come join local cyalume dance performance team AniWaza as we welcome you to the world of cheers and wotagei! In this interactive workshop, we will show you how to perform basic calls to enhance your anisong concert experience as well as Cyalume Dance, a popular style of wotagei that involves dancing with light sticks. The workshop will conclude with a performance by experienced wotagei practitioners.

DISCOVERY OF ANIME AND MANGA – Sunday – 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM – 1E02
Join author and comics pro Phil Amara as he previews his new kids picture book on the history of manga and anime. This is a great panel for those that are new to manga and anime, but love Tezuka, Miyazaki, Takahashi, and other giants of the field. This is Phil’s first USA con appearance, and will feature a slideshow of art by the book’s illustrator Juan Calle, and a chance to ask questions at the end. Don’t miss it!

Rie Kugimiya Spotlight Panel – Sunday – 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM – Special Events Hall
Known as the “Queen of Tsundere” by her fans worldwide, Rie Kugimya makes her first appearance at a US anime convention at Anime NYC. She has voiced many of the most popular and memorable characters from various hit anime titles such as Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Kagura (Gintama), Shana (Shakugan no Shana), Taiga Aisaka (Toradora!), Happy (Fairy Tail), and many more. Come hear the legendary voice actress talk about her life, career, and everything that makes her scream “Urusai! Urusai! Urusai!”. You don’t want to miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Localize this! – Secrets of Localization Revealed!!! – Sunday – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM – 1E02
Go behind-the-scenes with some of the industries most prominent translators to learn how your favorite manga, games, and light novels are made. Hear stories of how they broke into the industry. (And how you might too!) Industry legends like Caleb Cook (My Hero Academia), Jenny McKenon (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid), Jan Mitsuko Cash (Chi’s Sweet Adventures), Brandon Bovia (Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor), Kristi Fernandez (The Dark Maidens), and Zack Davisson (Devilman) stand ready to answer your questions! (NDAs permitting…)

Ramen: Illustrated – Sunday – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM – 1E13
AnimeNYC presents “Ramen: Illustrated” – a panel discussion featuring the creators of the newly released comic book cookbook, “Let’s Make Ramen!” – chef/author Hugh Amano and illustrator/artist Sarah Becan – alongside home-cook and ramen-educator extraordinaire, Mike “Ramen_Lord” Satinover of Akahoshi Ramen! Join us as they breakdown and demystify the ramen creating process, talk about the gate-way pleasures that come with learning HOW-TO make this wildly-beloved dish from scratch and, hopefully, inspire a new-wave of passionate ramen-lovers to boldly jumpstart their own ramen-journey – ultimately creating a movement which will influence the dynamic evolution of ramen in America. If you’ve ever wished you could somehow re-create that amazing bowl you slurped at your favorite ramen shop….this panel is for YOU!!! And…for all you budding artist/illustrators out there who are curious about how such a cool project like a graphic-novel cookbook comes to life – come get inspired and hear the book’s origin-story from chef/author Hugh Amano and comics-illustrator Sarah Becan! Moderator and self-professed ramen-nerd Jamie Li, will lead this illuminating discussion followed by Q&A. Grab your own copy of “Let’s Make Ramen!” and have it signed by the creators at an exclusive book-signing immediately following the panel at 1:30 PM in the Anime NYC Autographing Area.

AniVR Japan is a project to build a new community among Japan, the U.S. and the rest of the world through Japanese VR content. Currently, it consists of three content, TOKYO CHRONOS, Spice and Wolf VR and Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing. A number of guests will come to Anime NYC for this special panel to share the latest information about each title! There will be some giveaway too, so don’t miss it!

Infinite Abilities: Incorporating Diversity and Accessibility into Costumes – Sunday – 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM – 1E17
Cosplay and Disabilities explores diversity and inclusion in the Pop Culture world. during this panel Cosplayers who have both visible and invisible disabilities will share their thoughts and experiences about how Cosplay has shown them the power of inclusion and accessibility within a community. During this panel we will also have a very special guest, who will talk about inclusion in comics. Cosplayers will also accept and offer feedback to industry leaders about ways to improve inclusion and accessibility at comic book conventions and other events. Cosplayers will share stories and talk about their personal experiences and what has helped and harmed, as well as share resources that they have found helpful as well as talk about cosplay has led them to new communities!

Anime News Network – Sunday – 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM – 1E04
Join Anime News Network as we celebrate 21-years of being the Internet’s most trusted anime news source. Come meet our staff and get to know the gang behind the website, and as always, we’ll be giving away tons of great prizes, and answering almost any question you want to ask us.

Intro to Pattern Making for Cosplay – Sunday – 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM – 1E06
Most sewing and armor projects start with a pattern, but the one you need doesn’t always exist. Making your own gives you infinitely more options, and it’s easier than you might think! We’ll talk about several different pattern making methods and their uses, as well as alteration techniques to build off pre-made designs or polish and refine your own.”

Funimation Industry Panel – Sunday – 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM – 1E09
From Akira to Dragon Ball Z, hear the latest news, info, and announcements from North America’s largest anime distributor—Funimation.

VIZ Media’s World of Voice-Acting feat. Voices from Sailor Moon and Naruto – Sunday – 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM – Special Events Hall
Ever wanted a chance to chat with the voice actors and actresses behind your favorite characters in anime? Well, the World of Voice-Acting panel is that opportunity! VIZ Media is bringing you some of the most talented voices behind Sailor Moon, Naruto, and Boruto to Anime NYC, including Maile Flanagan (from Naruto), Amanda Miller (from Boruto), Erika Harlacher (from Sailor Moon)! Join the panel and discuss the creativity behind voice acting, your favorite anime moments, and much more!

Todd Haberkorn Introspective Panel – Sunday – 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM – 1E02
As a multi-award-winning actor behind the mic, on camera, and on stage, Todd Haberkorn eats fire on a regular basis as Natsu Dragneel in Fairy Tail. He’s also Haruka Nanase in Free!, Ling Yao in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Italy in Hetalia, Death the Kid in Soul Eater, Allen Walker in D.Gray-man, Izumi Kusunagi in K, Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti in Re:Zero, Kimihiro Watanuki in xxxHolic, Tierno in Pokemon, Hikaru Hitachin in Ouran High School Host Club, Grey Matter in the Ben 10, Sparrow Hood in Ever After High, Elfonso in Sofia the First, and many others. Join Todd as he talks about what it takes to make it as a voice actor in the anime world. What makes Todd the Todd?

The Wonderland (Screening) – Sunday – 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM – 1E13
Coming Soon!

MyDearest Presents: Live-Drawing by LAM! (Character Designer of TOKYO CHRONOS) – Sunday – 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM – 1E15
LAM is an illustrator and the character designer for Tokyo Chronos. LAM worked in graphic design at ATLUS on projects such as Persona 5, before becoming a freelance illustrator. Working freelance, he has contributed Craft Essence illustrations for Fate/Grand Order by TYPE-MOON. TOKYO CHRONOS is a PSVR game led by the producer of Sword Art Online. This project had been funded more than $160,000 on its crowdfunding. After the release in this August, it had ranked top on Japanese PSVR game sales. To celebrate that, LAM will have a special live-drawing session. This stage also includes a special giveaway so please don’t miss it!

Travel to Cool Tokyo with Abby Denson – Sunday – 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM – 1E17
International Manga Award-winning cartoonist Abby Denson will present excerpts from her fully-illustrated guide to traveling to Tokyo, Cool Tokyo Guide! Abby will share tips and her highlights on all things Tokyo, including trains, shrines, manga, food, and the wonder of Japanese toilets. Perfect for those planning, or dreaming of, a trip to Tokyo.

Leatherworking Basics – Sunday – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM – 1E06
Join me for an exploration of leather as a versatile addition to your repertoire of cosplay materials. Whether crafting bags and pouches or garments and armor, leather offers endless possibilities for creative designs. Learn how to choose leather to suit your project’s needs, and then discover the fundamentals of preparing, wet molding, tooling, and edge finishing your leather for a polished final product.

Ahiru no Sora DUBCAST Screening – Sunday – 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM – 1E04
Join Sentai Filmworks, HIDIVE, and director Kyle Jones for the first three episodes of Ahiru no Sora and watch your Dreams Take Flight!

The VA’s of UA (My Hero Academia) – Sunday – 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM – 1E09
You know them as the heroes of My Hero Academia, but it takes a lot more than “Quirks” to be successful in this industry. Join voice actors Justin Briner (Deku), Clifford Chapin (Bakugo), Josh Grelle (Fumikage Tokoyami), J Michael Tatum (Tenya Ida), Kristen McGuire (Tatami Nakagame) as they talk about their experiences voicing some of your favorite characters from UA. You might learn something. Plus Ultra!

LUPIN THE 3rd Goodbye Partner Dub World Premiere – Sunday – 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM – 1E02
Lupin has his eyes set on the rare diamond dubbed the Time Crystal. The heist seems to be going well enough when he’s betrayed by his trusted partner Jigen. Is this the end of the Lupin gang? Join the world’s greatest thief yet again in his latest adventure to find out!

Mamoru Yokota Live Drawing Panel – Sunday – 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM – 1E15
Mamoru Yokota has had a long career producing the Air movie and Kanon television series. He also worked on the production of Macross Frontier and was the key animator for its opening animation. Gaming fans will recognize his work in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II as he was the animation director and director of its opening sequence. Watch Yokota-sensei as he demonstrates his animation skills to Anime NYC fans and see what it took to bring chibi Alice (Anime NYC mascot) to life!

Jojo’s Posing School – Sunday – 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM – 1E17
Even Speedwagon is afraid of how great you’re going to be at posing! Welcome to Jojo’s Posing School. We’ll teach you an array of fun and crazy poses inspired by the iconic manga Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, all while learning about the cultural force that is Jojo’s!

Weathering With You: East Coast Premiere – Sunday – 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM – Special Events Hall
GKIDS proudly presents, ahead of its January 17 theatrical release, the highly-anticipated new film from director Makoto Shinkai and producer Genki Kawamura, the creative team behind the critically-acclaimed, global smash hit Your Name. The summer of his high school freshman year, Hodaka runs away from his remote island home to Tokyo, and quickly finds himself pushed to his financial and personal limits. The weather is unusually gloomy and rainy every day, as if to suggest his future. He lives his days in isolation, but finally finds work as a writer for a mysterious occult magazine. Then one day, Hodaka meets Hina on a busy street corner. This bright and strong-willed girl possesses a strange and wonderful ability: the power to stop the rain and clear the sky…

Forging Friendships with Cosplay – Sunday – 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM – 1E06
Cosplay is a super fun hobby that allows you to transform yourself into a beloved character, but it can also help you connect with others who hold similar interests! We will be discussing how cosplay can lead to forging new friendships and the great joys of cosplaying together.

The One Piece Podcast Panel – Sunday – 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM – 1E04
The One Piece Podcast presents a panel about the most popular manga and anime series of all time. This panel is dedicated to the latest and greatest amazing moments in this Guinness World Record-setting series.

2019 AMV Contest Winners Screening – Sunday – 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM – 1E09
Join us to close out this year’s AMV contest with a screening of all of the winners that were voted on Friday night!

Behind the Scenes of Pokemon – Sunday – 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM – 1E13
Prepare for Trouble! And Make it Double! Or Even Triple! Please join Lisa Ortiz (Pokemon Sun and Moon Director), Michele Knotz (Voice of Jesse), and James Carter Cathcart (Voice of James), the creators and actors who make the world of Pokemon come alive for fans all over the world. You won’t want to miss their stories and insights into the franchise that’s been around for over 20+ years.