Full Show & Badge Updates

Please see here for common questions and answers around Anime NYC’s 2022 badge launch. If you have any questions not answered here, please email us at info@animenyc.com. This is the best and fastest way to get answers for your Anime NYC questions.

When do badges for Anime NYC 2022 launch?

Badges will be available starting at 5 PM Eastern on March 31.

What is the registration website address?

The link to the 2022 registration website will be shared at 5 PM Eastern on March 31 on Anime NYC’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook channels as well as on animenyc.com/badges.

What are the badge quantities this year?

Anime NYC will cap badges this year at 4,500 3-Day, 14,600 Friday, 14,600 Saturday, 14,600 Sunday, and 400 Professional Badges. 3-Day, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badges will all launch at 5 PM Eastern on March 31. Professional badges (along with Press, Panelist, and Artist Alley) will launch this summer.

How many badges can I order?

Anime NYC will cap 3-Day badges at two per order given their limited number. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badges will all be capped at 6 per order, the same number as previous years.

What if I want more than two 3-Day badges?

Our badge limits are per order. If you want additional badges for family or friends, you’ll be able to place them in a separate order as long as quantities remain.

What are your prices this year?

3-Day badges are $95, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday badges are each $65. All badges additionally have a $4.99 facility cleaning fee, 10% service fee, and 8.875% sales tax.

Why are badges launching at 5 PM?

Anime NYC launched badges at 12 noon in previous years but heard from fans wanting a later launch time based on work and school schedules. There’s unfortunately no day or time that will be a match for everyone, but we hope this later launch is a match for more fans.

Will there be a virtual queue?

Yes, in case of high traffic, there will be a virtual queue system set up to assure our registration website remains online. When you visit our registration website, you will be automatically placed into a virtual queue in the order you arrive.

What if the Anime NYC website crashes?

Our customer service, registration, and website teams will all be monitoring our badge launch live, and based on our preparations, we believe it will be highly unlikely. This said, we will be posting a direct link to the registration website through Anime NYC’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook channels. Even if AnimeNYC.com is offline, you will be able to directly enter our virtual queue from this link.

Why are there so few 3-Day badges?

Anime NYC heard loud and clear about the challenges with crowding last year, and we don’t want to replicate this in 2022. Working together with the Javits Center, we determined the best number of fans to have inside our areas of the building to minimize crowds and enhance the convention experience is 19,500. Our challenge is we’ve welcomed far more than 19,500 fans every year since our start. And looking to last year, we welcomed 53,000 unique fans. If we only sold 19,500 3-Day Badges in 2022, that would mean over 30,000 fans who came last year wouldn’t be able to come at all this November. From our beginning, Anime NYC’s goal has been building a home for NYC’s anime community, and telling 30,000 members of this community they weren’t invited this year just wasn’t something we could do. Instead, our plan this year is a balance of 3-Day and 1-Day badges, with the number described above. This balance will allow almost 50,000 fans to come to Anime NYC, but keep the number of fans in the building at the same time much lower and crowds much lighter. We understand the disappointment and frustration from fans over this change, but it is something we have to do this year. Our goal, again, has been being a home for NYC’s anime community, and while we understand fully our decision means not every member of our community will be able to come all three days in 2022, of the options of having more fans come fewer days or having fewer fans come overall, we strongly believe this is the more inclusive path for this year.

Are you removing 3-Day badges entirely?

Absolutely not. We are offering as many as we can with our current space inside the Javits Center, and we are talking actively with the Javits on how we can add more space. We have zero plans of eliminating 3-Day badges and we hope to be able to add more in the future.

Will you add more 3-Day badges this year?

If we are able to add more space this year, yes, we will introduce more 3-Day badges. When we are able to add more space in future years, we will 100% introduce more 3-Day badges.

Should I wait for more 3-Day badges this year?

We cannot promise that we will have additional space, and we cannot promise there will be additional 3-Day badges later in 2022. As all badges are limited this year, we would encourage you to either get a 3-Day or 1-Day badge now.

I want a Professional / Panelist / Crew / Artist Alley badge. Should I wait to see if I’m accepted or buy a fan badge now?

If you want to guarantee a badge to Anime NYC, we encourage you to get a fan badge at launch. When Professional / Panelist / Crew / Artist Alley acceptances are sent, just let us know about your fan badge. We will cancel and refund your fan badge and make it available for another fan.

Will cosplayers accepted into the Masquerade still get a free badge? Should I wait to see if I’m accepted or buy a fan badge now?

Yes, cosplayers performing in the Masquerade will receive complimentary badges. If you want to guarantee a badge to Anime NYC, we encourage you to get a fan badge at launch. When Masquerade acceptances are sent, just let us know about your fan badge. We will cancel and refund your fan badge and make it available for another fan.

Where / when / how do I buy an Accessibly badge?

Accessibility badges are offered free to fans with mobility, vision, hearing, ASL, and other medical or accessibility needs. Accessibility badges are picked up onsite at Anime NYC. Accessibility badges do not mail in advance. Please note, Accessibility badges do not provide admission to Anime NYC. Accessibility badges only provide additional access. You must purchase a 3-Day or 1-Day badge to attend the convention. Companions must also purchase 3-Day or 1-Day badges.

Why doesn’t Anime NYC get more space in the Javits Center now?

We’re working closely with the Javits Center on the potential for more space. There’s much more space in the Javits Center than currently part of Anime NYC, but the building is always very busy, and there are various other events moving in or out during our convention. This makes it impossible for us to expand immediately. This said, we’re in very positive talks with the Javits Center about Anime NYC’s future, and we’ll share more as soon as we can.

With so few badges, is Anime NYC encouraging scalping?

Anime NYC’s 3-Day badges have sold out every year since we began, and every year after they’ve sold out, we’ve seen both scalpers and badge scams. No matter what we do, when we sell out, we’ll see bad actors try to prey on anime fans. Last year, especially, we received over 100 emails from fans who purchased fraudulent badges over auction sites or from sellers on social media. These predators will be out there again this year, but Anime NYC is doing two things to try to minimize them. First, Anime NYC will police suspicious sales on various online platforms as best we can. Second, we will create an official badge exchange for fans legitimately looking to resell badges. This official exchange will be regulated to assure all badges offered are official, and prices will be controlled to prevent high price scalping. Our combined goal is a safe, structured, and secure solution which will counteract criminals. Again, no matter what we do, there will be scalpers and scammers, but with our 2022 badge plan, we will be offering close to 50,000 fans the ability to come to Anime NYC. If we instead only offered 19,500 3-Day badges, there would be many, many more fans trying to find tickets in the aftermarket.

What are Anime NYC’s hours this year?

Anime NYC will be open from 1 PM to 7 PM on Friday and 10 AM to 7 PM on Saturday, with select events going on until 10 PM each night, the same as 2021. On Sunday, Anime NYC will open at 10 AM and end at 4 PM this year, one hour earlier than last year. This one hour early close will provide more time for fans to safely leave the building before exhibitors and the convention center staff start to pack up.

Will there still be long lines again this year?

Everything we’re doing with limited badges this year is to prevent the lines seen in 2021. We will welcome 19,500 fans per day, significantly less than last year. We are additionally adding a new queue hall, new main entrance, and mailing all badges to further reduce onsite lines. Full details on these improvements are located at animenyc.com/2022updates.

Even with fewer people, won’t your COVID vaccine check lines be long?

No. Current guidelines do not require proof of vaccination and advise face coverings as optional, and with New York City making major strides toward beating COVID, we hope to be a much healthier world by November. This said, we have a robust plan prepared with the Javits Center should we need it. Our COVID plan centers around a large offsite vaccine checkpoint which has the capabilities to check-in 20,000 fans in a single hour, eliminating the greatest challenge at Anime NYC last year. We are hopeful vaccines will not be required and face coverings will be optional in November, just as they are now, but we have a very thorough plan we can put in place if necessary, and Anime NYC will provide updates throughout the summer and fall as we work with the Javits Center and local health experts. 

Why are badges more expensive?

In five years, Anime NYC has grown into one of the largest conventions in the US. Despite this growth, we’d tried to keep increases to our badge prices limited previously. But, given the costs to run the current size of the show, increased costs from partners, and new costs from additional amenities this year, Anime NYC needed to adjust our badge prices. New York City is the most expensive city in the US, and we had to increase our prices to manage the current expenses to create the event. And while Anime NYC is more expensive, we are very aware of the pricing of other comic cons and anime cons in other major cities, and Anime NYC’s 2022 pricing is comparable to these similar events. We will always try to keep Anime NYC as affordable as possible, but we had to increase prices to run the event this year.

What is the facility cleaning fee on badges this year?

The Javits Center’s janitorial staff praised our attendees’ “enthusiastic” use of the building’s bathrooms last year, which is a polite way of saying they required tremendous additional cleaning. Because of 2021’s increased bathroom usage, we are working with the Javits to open more bathrooms to our fans, will add new portable restrooms in front of the building, and generally have more cleaning teams on site. All of these new expenses go into the facility cleaning fee.

When is Anime NYC mailing badges this year?

New this year, all fan and pro badges will be mailed to eliminate lines at registration. There will be no onsite pickup. To accomplish this, Anime NYC will have multiple mailing deadlines in 2022. Our first mailing deadline is June 15, with all badges ordered by June 15 sent by June’s end. Following this, there will be additional monthly mailing deadlines throughout the summer and plans for weekly and daily mailings as we get into the fall. Also new this year, all badges will mail with tracking numbers for added security. Anime NYC will cover this expense for all orders made before May 1. A $5 mailing fee will be added after this date to cover the higher price of mailing with tracking. This mailing fee will increase closer to Anime NYC.

How is Anime NYC mailing badges this year?

New this year, all badges will be mailed with tracking numbers, something not done in the past, for added security. Badges will initially mail by USPS First Class Mail with Tracking. Badges mailed closer to Anime NYC will be mailed by expedited shipping. 

Is badge mailing free?

Anime NYC is covering USPS First Class mailing with Tracking for all badges ordered before May 1. Simply order your badge by this date to get it mailed free. After this date, a $5 mailing charge will be added to help cover the higher costs of mailing badges with tracking, with this increasing closer to the show.

What if my badge doesn’t arrive in the mail?

If you have any issues with badge delivery, please email info@animenyc.com. With all badges mailed with tracking numbers this year, we’ll be able to help locate your badge. 

Can I still pick up my badge onsite?

Unfortunately not. All fan and pro badges will be mailed this year to avoid crowding and provide more time to enjoy Anime NYC. In general, there will be no onsite pick up option. The only onsite pick up allowed for fan and pro badges will be for international travelers. 

Can I still buy a badge onsite?

Unfortunately not. There will be zero onsite sales of badges at Anime NYC. The event fully sold out in 2021 before the convention began, and we expect to fully sell out again before the convention begins in 2022.

What if I’m an international fan?

Please buy your badge online, and then email info@animenyc.com for additional information. International orders will be the only orders held for pick up onsite, and details will be shared directly with you. 

Can I order badges from anime and comic shops?

Anime NYC’s plan is to offer badges at retailers later this year; however, the types and numbers will be based on our availability. If 3-Day badges sell out online, we wouldn’t be able to offer them at anime and comic shops. If you want to guarantee a specific badge type, we recommend buying it online early.

I’m rolling over badges from 2021? What do I do?

You’re all set, and you will get an email from our team in the near future with details on how to claim your rolled over badge.

What are you doing about long lines for panels?

Last year, Anime NYC required free reservations for some of our biggest events. Last year, we also saw lines for major events without reservations start as long as five hours before they began. We don’t want anyone waiting five hours in line, and we will be rolling out pre-show reservations for all our major events this year. The full details of all this will be coming later in 2022, but to attend any of the events in Anime NYC’s biggest rooms, you will now need to plan ahead. This does mean some prep work for fans who want to go premiere screenings or guest of honor panels, but it will also spare everyone the frustration of waiting in lengthy lines and the even greater frustration of waiting in lengthy lines and not getting in.

I think this is all a terrible decision!

We understand your frustration and apologize for disappointing you. Anime NYC is made by a team of anime fans. We love anime and live in New York, and everything we’ve done since starting the show has been to build a home for our fellow fans. We always try to be as transparent as possible and listen to you about how we can do better. All of this year’s changes are the result of listening to the issues from 2021, and while most of our changes have been positively received, we knew limiting 3-Day badges would be difficult. But the honest challenge is we welcomed over 50,000 fans last year but we can only welcome 19,500 into the building each day in 2022. We sold over 20,000 3-Day badges last year, and if we only sold 19,500 3-Day badges in 2022, that would mean more than 30,000 more fans who attended last time could not come at all. We want to give as many fans as we can a chance to attend, and we apologize we’re unable to offer more 3-Day badges.

What if I have additional questions?

Please email us at info@animenyc.com. This is the best and fastest way to get answers for any Anime NYC questions.