Detailed Badge FAQ

Anime NYC held our largest event ever in 2021. We’re very proud of its successes, but we also know it had challenges. Now, as we look at 2022, our goal is to enhance the convention to deliver an amazing experience to all our fans as we continue to grow. To do this, the Anime NYC team spent the past three months working with our friends at the Javits Center on this year’s plans, and we’re excited to share them with you today.


  • Anime NYC 2022 badges will launch at 5 PM Eastern on Thursday, March 31
  • We will cap badges this year at 4,500 3-Day, 14,600 Friday, 14,600 Saturday, 14,600 Sunday, and 400 Professional Badges

Anime NYC welcomed 53,000 unique attendees last year, more than ever before. We’re proud we brought so many anime fans together, but we know there were struggles with crowding. Because of this, Anime NYC looks to balance being a home for as many fans as we can with adjusting our limits to lower our daily capacity. Anime NYC will sell close to 50,000 badges this year, still welcoming a similar number of fans, but we are changing our badge numbers and types, so the number of fans in the Javits each day is reduced to 19,500. We know the limited number of 3-Day badges may be challenging, but by reducing them, we will continue to be able to welcome close to 2021’s number of fans and also decrease congestion and lines. We understand it means not as many fans can get 3-Day Badges this year, but it means these fans can still enjoy the show, and other plans with more 3-Day Badges would have sharply cut the number of fans overall, meaning many, many more fans wouldn’t be able to come at all. We want to be clear: We are NOT eliminating 3-Day Badges. We are only limiting their number this year, and as Anime NYC continues to grow into more space in the future, we’ll be adding to this number again.


  • All fan badges will be mailed this year
  • No onsite fan badge pick-up at the Javits Center

Anime NYC typically mails all badges ordered up to one month before the convention, with all ordered closer held for pick up at the Javits. We’re changing that this year, and ALL Anime NYC fan badges will be required to mail before the convention. This will eliminate the crowding at our onsite pick up desks and give all fans more time to enjoy the show. All badges to Anime NYC 2022 will mail by USPS First Class Mail with Tracking on a rolling basis starting in summer, with Expedited Mailing closer to the con. To accomplish all this, Anime NYC will charge a $5 shipping fee starting on May 1, with this shipping charge increasing closer to Anime NYC. Want to avoid it? Just order your badges early. All badges ordered before May 1 will ship free with USPS First Class Mail with Tracking. This is the only time shipping will be free for Anime NYC 2022. Please note, while we won’t have onsite pick up for general fan or pro badges, international attendees as well as press and exhibitors will still pick up onsite.


  • Anime NYC has a plan in place for a massive offsite vaccine checkpoint

We take the health and safety of all our participants seriously, and we will follow the best practices and most current health guidance from the City and State of New York for this November. Current guidelines do not require proof of vaccination and face coverings are optional, and with New York City making major strides toward beating COVID, we hope to be a much healthier world by November. This said, we have a robust plan prepared with the Javits Center should we need it. Our COVID plan centers around a large offsite vaccine checkpoint which has the capabilities to check-in 20,000 fans in a single hour, eliminating the greatest challenge at Anime NYC last year. We are hopeful vaccines will not be required and face coverings will be optional in November, but we have a very thorough plan we can put in place if necessary, and Anime NYC will provide updates throughout the summer and fall as we work with the Javits Center and local health experts.


  • Fan entry now through Inner Roadway entrance
  • Dedicated internal Queue Hall all three days

Anime NYC has historically used the Crystal Palace entrance as our main entry. That will change this year. The Crystal Palace will now serve as an entrance only for exhibitors, press, and pros, and all fans will be directed to the Inner Roadway entrance with multiple doors that run along all of the Javits Center. And once inside, we will have a new dedicated Queue Hall all three days. Combined, we will provide much, much, much more space for fans to enter the building and then inside before events begin, meaning easier, faster entry for all.


  • Free pre-show reservations for all Anime NYC’s major events

Every year, Anime NYC requires free reservations for some of our biggest events. In 2021, we saw lines for major events without reservations start as long as five hours before they began. We don’t want anyone waiting five hours in line, and we will be rolling out pre-show reservations for all our major events this year. The full details of all this will be coming later in 2022, but to attend any of the events in Anime NYC’s biggest rooms, you will now need to plan ahead. This does mean some prep work for fans who want to go premiere screenings or guest of honor panels, but it will also spare everyone the frustration of waiting in lengthy lines and the even greater frustration of waiting in lengthy lines and not getting in.


  • New official badge exchange to offer fans a safe, legitimate way to sell badges
  • Price controls in official exchange to prevent high priced scalping

Anime NYC saw a tremendous number of badge scams last year, with hundreds and hundreds of fans falling victim to fraudulent sales. To prevent this, Anime NYC will actively police suspicious sales on various online platforms and create an official badge exchange for fans legitimately looking to resell badges. This official exchange will be regulated to assure all badges offered are official, and prices will be controlled to prevent high price scalping. Our combined goal is a safe, structured, and secure solution which will counteract criminals trying to prey on anime fans.


  • Additional coat check locations throughout the Javits Center
  • Additional restroom locations throughout the Javits Center
  • New portable restrooms in the Inner Roadway
  • New overhead aisle signs providing directions through the exhibition hall

Short and sweet, and a massive thank you to the Javits for its work on all these!


  • Cosplay photographers with tripods or lighting equipment must set up in official Destination Cosplay areas and can no longer set up in general lobbies or hallways

Following complaints about the amount of tripods and lighting equipment blocking busy lobbies and hallways, we will require all cosplay photographers to set up their gear in one of Anime NYC’s Destination Cosplay areas, official areas reserved for cosplay photo shoots, changing, and repair. We built our first Destination Cosplay area last year in the River Pavilion, the hall at the very top of the Javits filled with wide windows and natural light, and we’ll be offering an additional Destination Cosplay area in 2022 in another area rich with light. Cosplayers are still welcome in all parts of Anime NYC, and general cosplay photography with a phone or camera is also welcome throughout the building, but if you’re setting up a tripod or any lighting gear, you’ll be required to set up in our Destination Cosplay areas. Look for more information to come about Destination Cosplay and cosplay photography overall in the coming months.


  • New rules for exhibitors with lines, giveaways, and in-booth signings

We love the super cool things a number of our exhibitors do, but we don’t love it when these things cause a line that blocks all the booths around them. We’ll be publishing very specific new guidelines for exhibitors, and we’re happy to work one-on-one with anyone who looks to have a blockbuster activity in their booth to not actually break the block.


  • Anime NYC to end at 4 PM on Sunday to provide extended time for fans to leave the building and a safer exhibitor move out

Anime NYC has historically wrapped at 5 PM on Sunday, with exhibitors moving out at 5 PM, too. But because of our size and the number of fans leaving the building, even though we ended at 5, most exhibitors weren’t actually able to break down their booths until much later, with it unsafe to begin while fans were still nearby. To remedy this, Anime NYC will now close at 4 PM on Sunday, with 4 to 5 PM a time specifically for fans to leave the building. Exhibitor move out will continue to begin at 5 PM, with move out properly, safely starting at 5 this year.


  • Some things will be new and different at Anime NYC 2022, and we want to make sure all the details are communicated loudly and clearly with everyone

All the above was created to make a better, smoother, more enjoyable experience for all our fans. This said, a bunch of it means changes to the way Anime NYC is run, and we understand change can be scary. To help with this, our pledge is to communicate much, much more with you. We want to make sure you’re aware of what is changing, why it is changing, and if there’s anything you need to change because of it. We’ve always tried to be transparent with our fans, and we only look to be more so this year. Please, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to make sure you get all our 2022 news.


  • We’re actively working with the Javits Center on the potential for more space

Already this year, the Javits is able to provide the Inner Roadway and a new Queue Hall. Looking into the future, we’re discussing how Anime NYC can grow more. While there’s much more space in the Javits Center, the building is always very busy, and there are various other events moving in or out during Anime NYC’s dates, making it impossible at present for us to expand through the entire building. This said, we’re in very positive talks with the Javits Center about Anime NYC’s future, and we’ll share more as soon as we can.


  • Rather than growing bigger, our main goal this year is growing up

Anime NYC is celebrating its fifth year this year, and it’s grown tremendously since it first began. We’re humbled by all the fans, guests, and exhibitors who celebrate with us, and we’ve listened to both what you’ve enjoyed and what you haven’t as the show’s gotten bigger. We hope this year is a reflection of that. Our objective for 2022 is to provide meaningful changes to our structure that will support Anime NYC at its new larger size and make the event professional, safe, easy, and fun for everyone. We want Anime NYC to deliver both big, amazing, and one-of-a-kind showstoppers as well as enriching personal and community experiences like never before. And we’re working toward this every day until the convention.

A thank you again to the Javits Center for all its partnership over the past three months as we’ve built this plan, and a tremendous thank you to all of you who’ve believed in us over the past five years.

Remember, Anime NYC 2022 badges will launch at 5 PM Eastern on Thursday, March 31, and the entire Anime NYC team looks forward to welcoming you home in November!