Anime NYC is thrilled to present our fifth annual AMV contest at Anime NYC 2023.

AMVs selected for our contest will be presented at our AMV Contest at this year’s Anime NYC, with winners announced the following Sunday. Exact screening times will be published with the programming schedule.

Anime NYC is accepting submissions now until October 14th, 2023 by 11:59 PM Eastern. You will hear back on the status of your AMV by the latest November 14th, 2023.

Finalists and judges will be given one (1) complimentary three-day badge if they are chosen.


Each video submitted must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Trailer
    • AMVs set to parody or otherwise utilize commercials, trailers, or other promotional media as the audio source for the video
  • Action/Adventure
    • Videos that center on fast paced scenes and exhilarating moments in animation.
  • Romance/Sentimental
    • Videos that focus on more emotional sentiments such as romance, platonic expression, character growth, etc.
  • Drama
    • Videos that focus on more serious or thrilling moods and stories.
  • Upbeat
    • Videos that are energizing, uplifting, and overall fun for the viewer.
  • Comedy/Parody
    • Videos that make us laugh, a category that doesn’t need much explaining!
  • AMV Shorts
    • A free for all fun for all, we will accept all short AMVs that adhere to our rules that have a minimum of 15 seconds, and a max of 1 minute. TikTokers welcome!
      Note: At least 5 AMV shorts will be showcased in the contest with one video being chosen by the audience as best overall AMV short.



Deadline: October 14th, 2023 11:59pm Eastern

AMVs must not be presented before September 24th 2022.

A participant has the ability to submit at max two AMVs to two different categories. An editor may enter a third video if and only if one of those 3 videos are submitted to comedy or trailer.

  • A participant may also send at max 10 AMV shorts. Meaning an editor has the potential to send at max a total of 13 videos [3 Videos to the AMV contest + 10 AMV Shorts]

All submissions must be made over a cloud-based file sharing service that is accessible to the public (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) YouTube or “streaming only” links will not be accepted.

We do not accept submissions via physical media.


Minimum video length is 1 minute and 30 seconds, excluding the trailer and AMV Shorts category which has its minimum of 1 minute or 15 seconds respectively.

  • Maximum time allotment, no matter the category is 5 minutes

Videos should not contain (1) watermarks, (2) TV logos, (3) studio bumpers, (4) credits or texts that are unnecessary to the content or context of the video. Videos will be reviewed and discretion will be utilized on a case by case basis. Furthermore, credits that are separate from the video duration will not be accepted under any circumstance.

Videos should also not contain subtitles that were not created by the editor.

Entries should be of reasonable video and audio quality. Videos that have a resolution and frame rate less than 480p and 23.976fps may be disqualified.

Except for trailer/commercial-style videos and AMV shorts, the audio of each entry should be mostly music.

Videos must be in a format that can be read by VLC Media Player and Media Player Classic.

Files sizes should be kept small. Please keep files to be at max 2 GB.


Videos should consist of clips edited solely by the entrant(s) or group listed on the entry form. Entries found to have been plagiarized from other AMVs may result in disqualification and/or non-eligibility for future AMV events.

In the case of collabs, MEPs, or videos edited by multiple people, each participant and a group name, when needed, must be listed on the submission form.

Video submission limits

  • To the AMV contest, a participant or participant(s) may only enter in a max of two videos, unless the participant(s) submits to the trailer or comedy category, in which the participant is allowed to send 3 AMVs. If a participant has entered along with another set of participants in an MEP or collaboration, that participant is only allowed to submit one other video (in either a solo work or another collaboration).
  • To AMV Shorts, a participant may send a max of 10 AMV shorts, this limit has no bearing on the AMV contest limits, meaning you can send a max 10 AMV shorts, and a max 3 AMVs to the contest.


Videos should not contain excessive violence, language, or content that would place it above a PG-13 rating. AMVs are allowed at max 1-2 curse words, however racial slurs and other derogatory language aimed to denigrate or unfairly harass others is barred from the contest.

  • Nudity, sexual content, or excessive gore/violence will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but will usually get you disqualified.

Anime NYC now welcomes Animation featured from all around the world, including

  • Anime: (Japanese, Chinese, and Korean animated media)
  • Video games
  • Western cartoons (Avatar the Last Airbender, Arcane, etc.)

All video editing and concepts must be your own.


All videos must be submitted digitally via our application form. Submissions received in any other way will be disqualified. Services like Google Drive and Dropbox are free, easy to use, and highly recommended, but please ensure that the URL you provide is a “shared” or “public” link. If your AMV is available for local download on, you also have the option of instead providing a link to its video information page.


During the AMV screening at Anime NYC, our audience will vote for their favorites. Only AMVs that received top ratings from our judges will be screened at Anime NYC. For that reason, attendance to a convention is not required to enter its competition, and will not improve your odds of winning or making finals.


Anime NYC will be providing complimentary badges to both judges and finalists. Once both have been chosen, respectively, they will be contacted and awarded with one complimentary weekend badge to attend Anime NYC 2023


A First Place Award will be presented in each genre as well as Judges and Coordinators Choice, and an overall Best In Show. Awards will be given out during the results screening or through mail.

Got it? Great! Throw some clips together and tell us a story!