The Pure Imagination of Hayao Miyazaki by FanEditz [Winner of Category]

HELLSLAYERS by Silent Hero Studios [Runner Up of Category]

Redeemed by Riku’

Kilometer by E_01

Go Beyond by Elixir


Quarantine Dreams by AllyKatAVR [Winner of Category AND BEST IN SHOW!]

Affinity by BecauseImBored1 [Runner Up of Category]

Euphoria by Alderwick

Starlight by whiterabbit

Ace of Hearts by lokkiclu


I’m (Not) Myself by SasukeChanx [Winner of Category]

See You Again by Elixir [Runner Up of Category]

Birds of a Feather by xSnowflakes, Kaeldri

Show Yourself by Nekokitkat

Confessions of a Justified Killer by DopplerDo


My Everyday Vibes by Synaesthesia Productions [Winner of Category]

Impacted by BecauseImBored1 [Runner Up of Category]

Into the Madness by Kireblue

To Your Heart’s Content! by SasukeChanx

Aggressive Aftertaste by Phlashbak


Weebstagram by l33tmeatwad & pwcagal [Winner of Category]

One Piece x Cowboy Bebop [water 7 edition] by lordlook [Runner Up of Category]

Drowning in the Kiddie Pool by drewaconclusion

The L Word by SQ

Truck-kun x Train-chan: Get Wrecked by TheLazyDaze

JUDGE’S CHOICE – We’re All A Little Lost by Moonpie



Each video submitted must fall into one of the following categories:

  • Action/Adventure
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Upbeat
  • Comedy/Parody


Deadline and Submission Information

  • Deadline: October 25th, 2021 11:59pm
  • AMVs must not have been shown at a prior Anime NYC contest nor have been presented before January 2018.
  • A participant has the ability to submit at max two AMVs to two different categories.
  • All submissions must be made over a cloud-based file sharing service that is accessible to the public (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) YouTube or “streaming only” links will not be accepted.
  • We do not accept submissions via physical media.

Video & Audio Quality

  • Videos should not contain watermarks, TV logos, studio bumpers, credits, or references to other events that are either not directly related to the video content or unnecessary for the video concept.
  • Videos should also not contain subtitles that were not created by the editor.
  • Entries should be of reasonable video and audio quality. Videos that have a resolution and frame rate less than 480p and 23.976fps may be disqualified.
  • Except for trailer/commercial-style videos, the audio of each entry should be mostly music.
  • Audio from English dubs or the original audio of an anime is not permitted, but sound effects are ok.
  • Videos must be in a format that can be read by VLC Media Player and Media Player Classic.
  • Files sizes should be kept small. Please keep files to be at max 2 GB.

Participation & Plagiarism

  • Videos should consist of clips edited solely by the entrant(s) or group listed on the entry form. Entries found to have been plagiarized from other AMVs may result in disqualification and/or non-eligibility for future AMV events.
  • In the case of collabs, MEPs, or videos edited by multiple people, each participant or a group name must be listed on the submission form.
  • A participant or participant(s) may only enter in a max of two videos. If a participant has entered along with another set of participants in an MEP or collaboration, that participant is only allowed to submit one other video (in either a solo work or another collaboration).

Content Standards

  • Videos should not contain excessive violence, language, or content that would place it above a PG-13 rating.
  • No sexually explicit lyrics, curse words, or otherwise explicit lyrics
  • Nudity, sexual content, or excessive gore/violence will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but will usually get you disqualified.
  • Videos should also refrain from having content that is derogatory, demeaning, or designed to insult others.
  • All videos must have a minimum length of 1 minute and 30 seconds. The maximum length for all allowed AMVs is 5 minutes.
  • All submissions must be at least primarily Japanese animation or Japanese video game footage.
  • All video editing and concepts must be your own.

Submission Format

  • All videos must be submitted digitally via our application form. Submissions received in any other way will be disqualified. Services like Google Drive and Dropbox are free, easy to use, and highly recommended, but please ensure that the URL you provide is a “shared” or “public” link. If your AMV is available for local download on A-M-V.org, you also have the option of instead providing a link to its video information page.


AMVs are screened and scored by our judges prior to screening at Anime NYC. Judges consider AMVs based on the following factors:

  • Technical (Audio/Sound, Editing, Graphics, Transitions, etc.)
  • Concept & Development (Plot/Storyline Development, Audience Engagement, etc.)
  • Visual Interpretation/Creativity (Unique Idea, Artistic Interpretations, Theme, etc.)
  • Performance Quality (Image and Audio fit, etc.)

During the AMV screenings at Anime NYC, our audience will vote for their favorites. Only AMVs that received top ratings from our judges will be screened at Anime NYC. For that reason, attendance to a convention is not required to enter its competition, and will not improve your odds of winning or making finals.

Want to be a judge of the AMV Contest? Judges will be notified by October 15th and be presented with two free tickets.

Fill out the application below:



A First Place and Runner Up Award will be presented in each genre – as well as personal Judges Awards, and an overall Best In Show. Awards will be given out during the results screening or through mail.

Got it? Great! Throw some clips together and tell us a story!


Questions and comments can be directed to amv@animenyc.com.