Anime NYC’s goal is to put more autographs into the hands of more fans than ever before. Previously, tickets to our most popular guests were distributed in a way that was difficult or impossible for a large number of fans to take part. Our pre-show lottery system, first used in 2019, allows every fan an equal chance at autograph tickets to our rarest guests.

No autograph tickets will be given away when Anime NYC’s doors open each morning. The lottery system eliminates the need to line up in the early morning or overnight.

If you do not have your physical badge in hand with your 6 digit activation code, simply enter the last 6 digits of your Transaction ID as seen on your purchase confirmation email from

No, only our rarest guests are in the lottery. Any guest who is signing for multiple hours on multiple days isn’t in the lottery at all. There are also some guests signing in booths who are not in the lottery.

It various with each guest, but there are typically 100 winners for each signing session.

The autograph ticket lottery starts at 6 PM Eastern on Monday, November 7, and ends at 11:59 PM Eastern on Tuesday, November 8. All entrants will be emailed with the results, whether they won or not.

No. You can enter any time during the lottery period. Entering early does not increase your chances of winning.

Each guest has their own lottery. You can enter as many lotteries as you want, but you can only enter each of them once. Entering the same lottery multiple times does not increase your chances of winning. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

Yes. You must enter with your full real name, and this name must match your Photo ID. If you win, you must bring your Photo ID with you to claim your autograph ticket. If your name does not match your ID, you will be unable to claim your autograph ticket.

Yes, you must have an Anime NYC badge to enter the lottery that is valid for the day of your signing if you win. Lotteries are open to participants with 3-Day, 1-Day, Press, Pro, Exhibitor, and Crew badges, and you will need to include badge information as part of your lottery entry.

Please don’t. Anime NYC’s goal is to put more autographs into the hands of more fans than ever before. If you aren’t really a fan of a guest, please don’t just enter because you can.

If you’re under 18, you can still enter. Please receive a parent or guardian’s permission first. If you’re under 18 and you win, please bring a School ID or some other similar form of identification.

No. Autograph tickets are nontransferable.

No. Autograph tickets are nontransferable. You may enter for your child or friend with special accessibility needs, but it must be in their name, they must be present to claim the autograph ticket, and they must use the autograph ticket.

No. Autograph tickets this year are Tyvek wristbands that will be placed on winners’ arms when they claim them. Do not tamper or try to remove your wristband until your signing. Autograph tickets are nontransferable. No exceptions.

Anime NYC’s pre-show autograph lotteries are intended to put autograph tickets into the hands of fans. If you are not serious about meeting a guest, do not enter their lottery. Should you win and not claim your autograph ticket, you will be prohibited from winning future Anime NYC autograph ticket giveaways.

Anime NYC will announce on social media during Anime NYC if there are any follow up giveaways for specific autographs, but there are no onsite standby lines or autograph ticket waitlists.

Winners for each lottery are determined by a random number generator.

Yes, each lottery is run independently. Winning or losing one doesn’t impact your chances to win another.

You’ll receive an email with details and next steps. You’ll pick up your autograph ticket onsite at Anime NYC with more details inside your email.

You’ll receive an email with details. If you are not selected as a winner, we’re unfortunately unable to include you in these events.

Sadly, Anime NYC cannot guarantee autographs. There are far more fans who want to meet our rarest guests than they possibly can. While all autograph tickets are limited, all guests taking part in our lottery will also appear on stage at Anime NYC. You don’t need an autograph ticket to attend these panels and see our guests on stage.

Winners under 18 can be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and anyone with a medical need can be assisted by a helper. But other than these exceptions, you cannot bring additional people with you to your signing. Unfortunately you cannot bring friends with you to your autograph session.