The Anime NYC Closet Cosplay Contest is BACK! Another weekend of cosplaying from your closet! Raid your closet between now and Sunday’s end, and snap a photo of the best PROMARE cosplay that you can assemble. Tag it with #PromareClosetCosplayANYC! We’ll be giving our 5 favorites two free weekend tickets to Anime NYC!! Just make sure you follow our rules. We can’t accept entries that don’t follow our rules! Sorry!


  1. Everything you put on has to come from your closet or dresser drawer…or your parents/kids/etcs. closet or dresser drawer.  (Just ask permission first.)
  2. You can use a wig, BUT it can’t be from what you’re cosplaying. For example, you can use a Sailor Moon wig to be Cammy from Street Fighter, but you can’t use it to be Sailor Moon. Make sense?
  3. Your costume must be from PROMARE.
  4. You can’t use an already existing cosplay or one that you’re currently working on- sorry those are the rules. Sorry, we won’t change them. 
  5. You can’t go buy or make anything specifically for this challenge. It’s gotta come from what you’ve got at home. Why? See rule 1.
  6. You can make alterations to things you have at home.
  7. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Sunday, April 26, 2020.
  8. Use the tag #PromareClosetCosplayANYC on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to enter.


We’ll pick 5 winners and award each two pairs of tickets to Anime NYC! So, raid those closets and show us your best PROMARE cosplay!