My Dress-Up Darling 2:00 PM This meet up is made for Dress-Up Darling fans so they could show off their awesome cosplays!
Organizer: Mariam | More Info
Bleach 3:00 PM We want all old and new bleach fans and cosplayers to meet up and celebrate the new Thousand-Year Blood War arc. Photographer will be available!
Organizer: Empressjasmine | More Info
Love Live! 3:00 PM No matter what group is your favorite, come hang out in or out of cosplay with New Jersey based Love Live! server Garden State Sunshine! Make new friends, play games and win prizes, and even get photos taken!
Organizer: Garden State Sunshine | More Info
Sword Art Online 4:00 PM Meetup/Photoshoot for Sword Art Online! Let’s have fun and take lot of photos! Link Start!
Organizer: KawaiiBunny Cosplay | More Info
Genderbent My Hero Academia 4:00 PM Want to get a full genderbent class-1A together!
Organizer: Jackie | More Info
Bungo Stray Dogs 5:00 PM Come take pictures with us as the Bungo Stray Dogs’ Armed Detective Agency or Port Mafia!!
Organizer: Faith Gems and gray.jay.cos | More Info
Legend of Zelda 5:00 PM Come meet up and quest for the Master Sword. Together we can defeat Ganon!
Organizer: L Rose | More Info
Demon Slayer 5:30 PM Let’s Slay some Demons!
Organizer: Theultralukafan | More Info
Disney Twisted-Wonderland 6:00 PM A meetup for fans of Disney Twisted-Wonderland!
Organizer: Karen | More Info
Final Fantasy / Final Fantasy XIV 6:00 PM Did you know that the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has a free trial, and we’re ALSO going to be having a cosplay meetup? All Final Fantasy Games are Welcome!!
Organizer: Not-Emet-Selch | More Info
Haikyuu!! 6:30 PM The chance for all Haikyuu lovers to share their cosplays and fly high, together!!
Organizer: WoahWaltRants | More Info
Shin Megami Tensei/ SMT! 6:30 PM Forget Persona remember your roots as a Demon
Organizer: Sam_Limabeans | More Info


Bleach 12:00 PM This Bleach photoshoot is for those who are fans of the anime, wish to cosplay as a character from the anime and wish to channel their reishi in order to create a group photo that will last a lifetime!
Organizer: Mace | More Info
Pokemon 12:00 PM I’ve hosted the Pokemon meet up in past years!
Organizer: Triforcedelgeezy_cosplay | More Info
Naruto 12:30 PM Show off your nindo, your ninja way, at the all things Naruto meet up!
Organizer: Alex | More Info
Chainsaw Man 12:30 PM Looking for all the Makima’s to step on all the Denji’s (myself included). Come have fun if you’re a fan of Chainsaw Man (who wouldn’t be a fan of the coolest guy?)
Organizer: Derek | More Info
Persona 1:00 PM Annual Anime NYC meetup/photoshoot for the Persona series cosplayers!
Organizer: Persona Cosplayers International | More Info
Doki Doki Literature Club 1:30 PM Come attend today’s Literature Club meeting where you’ll get the chance to meet more club members, cosplay, take photos, and even receive a free present as a badge of Literature Club honor! (Please keep cosplays family friendly)!
Organizer: Spookie | More Info
Spy x Family 1:30 PM Your Assignment is to infiltrate this event to uncover intel that could be useful to Operation Strix. Waku Waku!
Organizer: Tri-State City | More Info
Tokusatsu 2:00 PM A photoshoot gathering for fans of all things Tokusatsu (Japan Live Action TV shows)!
Organizer: Heaven’s Gem Cosplay | More Info
Yakuza (Ryu Ga Gotoku) 2:00 PM The Dragon of Dojima and The Mad Dog of Shimano pull up to Anime NYC, all fans and cosplayers welcome!
Organizer: Daria | More Info
Super Smash Bros. 2:30 PM Whether you play casually or competitively, come and represent your main to form the ULTIMATE cosplay crossover!!
Organizer: juliasuxcosplay | More Info
Touhou Project 2:30 PM This is the cosplay gathering for Touhou Project fans and cosplayers!!
Organizer: Copper Reverie | More Info
Sailor Moon 3:00 PM Grab your moonie gear or your favorite Sailor Guardian cosplay and let’s celebrate five years of Sailor Moon goodness at ANYC!
Organizer: Rizuki | More Info
Uma Musume: Pretty Derby 3:00 PM Come make new uma-dachi and hang out with old ones at the Uma Musume meetup! We’ll also be taking cosplay photos, so don’t hesitate to come in cosplay!
Organizer: Garden State Stallions | More Info
Identity V 3:30 PM Identity V fans going to Anime NYC 2022, Please join us for this Identity V photoshoot! All cosplayers and fans welcome!
Organizer: Andrew & Mikey | More Info
VTubers 3:30 PM A photoshoot for all VTuber fans! All cosplays of VTuber or VTuber-relevant media is welcomed, whether it be from a company (Hololive, Nijisanji, etc), from an indie creator, or even if you’re just depressed Yagoo!
Organizer: Nafis | More Info
Soul Eater/Fire Force Collab 4:00 PM Let’s collect some souls and set off fires in this photoshoot!
Organizer: Cosventureous | More Info
World Trigger 4:00 PM A meetup for all the aspiring borer agents, can’t wait to see your cosplays!!
Organizer: Jamir | More Info
One Piece 4:30 PM A One Piece themed fan meet up and photoshoot! Cosplayers, artists, photographers, and fans welcome!!!
Organizer: Gnome.cos | More Info
Black Butler 4:30 PM This meetup is for any Black Butler fans who would like to join!
Organizer: Ciellykitty | More Info
Bleach 5:00 PM Who’s ready to shout BANKAI!!!!!
Organizer: Theultralukafan | More Info
Genshin Impact 5:00 PM Let’s gather all of our favorite characters from the wonderful world of Teyvat in this meetup dedicated to HoYoverse’s hit game Genshin Impact!
Organizer: Amy | More Info
One Piece 5:30 PM Gather up all your crew for a One Piece cosplay meetup and photoshoot! Come meet your favorite pirates, Marines, and more!
Organizer: Vulture Cosplay | More Info
Arcane: League of Legends 5:30 PM A meet up for all Arcane and League of Legends cosplayers and photographers!!
Organizer: ripples.cos | More Info
Kotaro Uchikoshi (Zero Escape, Ai: The Somnium Files, etc.) 6:00 PM A cosplay gathering for all Nonary Game players, Psyncers, and more! All fans of Kotaro Uchikoshi’s works welcome.
Organizer: raiden.thrustcos | More Info
Yu-Gi-Oh! 6:00 PM It’s time to DDDuel with your Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplays at Anime NYC 2022! Everyone from every Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise (and non-Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplayers) are welcome!
Organizer: PitchDarkLaw.Cosplay | More Info


Cookie Run 12:00 PM A place for kingdom and ovenbreak fans to get together!
Organizer: AppleJackies | More Info
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 1:00 PM Let’s get Bizarre! All parts are welcome to celebrate JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure!!
Organizer: Coconut_cherricos | More Info
Neon Genesis Evangelion 1:30 PM Our third official cosplay meetup for fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion! Come wearing your favorite cosplay from the show/movies or just to join in the fun!
Organizer: cosplay.cutiee | More Info
Chainsaw Man and Other Tatsuki Fujimoto works 1:30 PM Come have fun and see cosplay of Chainsaw man and other works of Tatsuki Fujimoto for AnimeNYC 2022!
Organizer: Spencer | More Info
Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts 2:00 PM Come join your fellow wizards in battling Voldemort and Grindlewald!
Organizer: L Rose | More Info
Natsuverse including Tsukihime, Kara No Kyoukai, Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Grand Order 2:00 PM Welcoming all Type Moon/Fate fandoms of the Natsuverse for this meetup such as Tsukihime, Kara no Kyoukai (Garden of Sinners), Fate series along with Fate/Grand Order!!
Organizer: Spartacus | More Info
Danmei 2:30 PM For fans of Chinese BL new and old – C-dramas, novels, manhua, and donghua!
Organizer: Dokuhan | More Info
Project Sekai / Hatsune Miku Colorstage 3:00 PM Wonderhoy! Come join us in spreading happiness through cosplays at the Project Sekai cosplay meet up!
Organizer: sumiyumecos | More Info
One Piece 3:00 PM We want all old and new One Piece fans to come celebrate the series and the new movie with us. A photographer will be provided but photos are not an obligation!
Organizer: Empressjasmine Jasmine and Jasirii | More Info
Dragon Ball Super 3:30 PM This is a Cosplay meetup for all Dragon ball super cosplayers. Come and have fun.
Organizer: Jayceevee86 | More Info


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