Want a Sold Out Anime NYC Badge?

Can’t Make it to Anime NYC?


Anime NYC 2023’s Anime NYC+ and 3-Day Badges are sold out, and 1-Day Badges have sold out in previous years. In the past, we’ve seen fans turn to auction sites and social media looking for sold out badges, with many scammed instead. New this year, Anime NYC has a solution, an official badge exchange in partnership with where fans have a safe place to buy sold out badges and fans who can no longer attend an official place to exchange theirs.

Anime NYC’s official badge exchange with is a moderated space for fans to request and return badges and a safe alternative to scalpers and scammers on auction websites and social media. Our badge exchange assures all badges offered are official, all transactions are secure, and all exchanges are private – with Lyte acting as an intermediary so your name and contact information is never shared whether you’re requesting or returning a badge.

Lyte is a trusted partner working with Coachella, Pitchfork Music Festival, All Elite Wrestling, the official Star Wars Celebration, and more. Since its founding in 2012, Lyte has worked with over 5,000 events to exchange over 1,000,000 badges.


Looking for a sold out badge? Request it through Lyte. When you request a badge, you’ll join an RSVP list, and Lyte will connect returned badges with RSVPs in the order they’re received. All badges offered on Lyte are verified. Read the Want A Badge FAQ.


Can’t make it to Anime NYC? Plans changed? Have a friend who canceled? If you can’t come to Anime NYC for any reason, return your badge through Lyte. Lyte will offer your badge to another fan, and if it’s exchanged, you’ll be paid for your badge and another anime fan will be able to enjoy Anime NYC. You will always receive the original price you paid for your badge, and based on the current price on Lyte, potentially more. Read the Return A Badge FAQ.


Lyte works directly with Anime NYC and our registration partner, GrowTix. All badges offered through Lyte are individually verified by Lyte staff. All are 100% official and guaranteed, and all confirmations for badges exchanged through Lyte are sent through GrowTix – just like any other Anime NYC badge.


Lyte’s goal is to provide real fans with sold out badges at the fairest prices. As interest for an event changes, prices for returned and requested tickets on Lyte will also change. Lyte uses an algorithm to review returns, requests, and prices on unofficial auction and reseller websites and then calculates the most competitive price for both badge buyers and sellers. Prices are not a set number, but always undercut scalpers on unofficial sites, and you will see prices change throughout the lead up to Anime NYC as demands change for badges.


Lyte is a service and there is a cost associated with providing it, but all costs are included in the prices listed on the Lyte website. There are no additional fees charged to fans. The Lyte Request price you see when you request a badge is the total amount you will be charged if Lyte is able to provide you with one. The Lyte Offer price is the full amount you will receive for your badge if you return one. Any difference between request and return prices allows Lyte and Anime NYC to cover the expense of providing an official badge exchange. Anime NYC believes Lyte provides the most simple and secure service for fans wanting to request or return badges, and you will not see any fees beyond the listed badge price.


Every year, fans have been victims of scalpers and scammers, and Lyte is a powerful new tool to combat this. By requesting and returning badges through Lyte, you help undercut scalpers, receive fairer prices, and 100% guarantee you’re getting an official Anime NYC Badge.


If you have any Lyte questions, you can review their full FAQ and request additional assistance here.