Project Description

Go! Go! Curry! America

Go! Go! Curry! is a Japanese comfort food restaurant, originating in Kanazawa, Japan. You can find us serving up our delicious curry rice at many locations in NYC, Houston, and Newark! Japanese curry is similar to a stew or gravy, richer and sweeter than the curry you’ll find in other parts of Asia. We serve it over a bed of premium rice, with a variety of freshly prepared toppings, and thinly shredded cabbage on the side.

You can see us referenced in several anime such as “No Game No Life” and “Steins;Gate 0”; and Go! Go! Curry! Japan has participated in a ton of collaborations with series such as “Re:Zero”, “Cutie Honey”, “Devilman” and more!

Also make sure to check out our merch with our partners at Midoriya NYC! Hope to see you soon, and let’s stay genki and ganbarou!