Want to meet with other cosplayers? Be part of a Dragon Ball brawl? Or a Sailor Moon reunion? See below for Anime NYC’s schedule of cosplay meetups.

  • Please note all meetups are submitted and hosted by fans. Anime NYC does not directly organize any cosplay meetups.
  • The Javits Center is a big place, but we have one official photoshoot area – the River Pavilion. This is a large glass-enclosed atrium at the top of the fourth floor of the Javits Center.

If you have any cosplay meetup questions, please reach out to


Attack on Titan 1:30 PM As we finally reach the end of Attack on Titan, let’s meet up and celebrate our beloved series!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Mx. Zan | More info: Facebook
Seven Deadly Sins 1:30 PM The sins come out of britannia to anime nyc and coming to fight feastial vaizel and curse light
Area: 2 | Organizer: Yefferson sierra | More info: Facebook
Genshin Impact 2 PM For all the Genshin fans and cosplayers alike!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Mooncarvr | More info: Facebook
SK8 the Infinity 2 PM For all the b*tches, bros and non-binary h*es who love sk8 the infinity!
Area: 2 | Organizer: cosplaybybelle | More info: Facebook
Mobile Suit: GUNDAM 2:30 PM Mobile Suit: GUNDAM!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Zero of Eternity | More info: Facebook
Naruto 3 PM A photoshoot between all Naruto characters, from Naruto to Boruto
Area: 1 Organizer: Cosventureous | More info: Facebook
Hunter x Hunter 3 PM Meet up for all and everything Hunter x Hunter. Mash ups and variations are also welcome. Photographer will be provided.
Area: 2 | Organizer: Metaphysical Cosplay all day | More info: Facebook
Star Wars 3:30 PM I’m just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe
Area: 2 | Organizer: Bamala Cosplay | More info: Facebook
Love Live! 4 PM Love Live! series wide cosplay meetup/photoshoot.
Area: 1 | Organizer: Garden State Sunshine | More info: Facebook Twitter Instagram
My Hero Academia 4 PM Showcase your crafting skills and MHA love!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Thattallcosplayer | More info: Facebook
Yu-Gi-Oh 5 PM I challenge you in a children’s card game! Time to Duel!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Triforcedelgeezy | More info: Facebook
Demon Slayer 5 PM This is meetup is for those who loves the series and want to connect with other fans
Area: 2 | Organizer: The Ultra Luka Fan | More info: Facebook
Mahou Shoujo Meetup 6 PM Calling all Sailor Scouts, Cardcaptors, and Contract Makers! This Mahou Shoujo Cosplay Meetup is Anime NYC’s biggest meetup of all Magical Girls, Guys, and EVERYONE from ANY ANIME/MANGA!
Area: 1 | Organizer: cosplay.cutiee | More info: Wix
Haikyu!! 6 PM A chance for fans and cosplayers of Haikyu!! to meet up, take pictures and enjoy shared appreciation of our volleybois!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Woah Walt Rants | More info: Facebook


Danganronpa! 10:30 AM A meetup has been discovered! Danganronpa cosplays
Area: 1 | Organizer: Suqi Yomi | More info: Facebook
Chainsaw Man 10:30 AM Photoshoot for all Chainsaw Man cosplayers and fans!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Nicolina | More info: Facebook
RWBY 10:30 AM RWBY meet up and photoshoot for cosplayers and fans
Area: 1 | Organizer: Kiradesa | More info: Facebook
Jujutsu Kaisen 11 AM Cosplays from the anime/manga Jujutsu Kaisen!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Wholesome Monk | More info: Facebook
Yu Yu Hakusho 11 AM All story arcs, characters, and scene recreations!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Jason Linetsky | More info: Facebook
Ensemble Stars! 12 PM For all Enstars fans and cosplayers to come together
Area: 1 | Organizer: Soariamoon | More info: Facebook
Fullmetal Alchemist 12 PM It’s the first law of alchemy, equivalent exchange: you give time for a meetup, you get some fun and friendships!
Area: 2 | Organizer: raintea.cos | More info: Facebook
Love Live! 12:30 PM Gathering of LLers of all kinds, collectors, casual fans, eventers, cosplayers, nesobros
Area: 2 | Organizer: Aidaphants | More info: Facebook
Persona & Shin Megami Tensei 1 PM This is the photoshoot/meetup for the Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and Catherine cosplayers
Area: 1 | Organizer: Persona Cosplayers International | More info: Facebook
Pokemon 1 PM All Pokemon fandom from the original and spinoffs. Everything Pokemon related!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Triforcedelgeezy | More info: Facebook
Naruto 1:30 PM Calling all ninjas come to the latest clan meeting!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Bamala Cosplay | More info: Facebook
Bang Dream 2 PM A meetup for Bang Dream fans and cosplayers
Area: 1 | Organizer: Bandori East Coast | More info: Facebook
SK8 the Infinity 2 PM To all the B*tch*s, Bros, and Non-Binary H**s that are fans of SK8 the Infinity who want to make friends and have some fun come together in cosplay for this radical meetup
Area: 2 | Organizer: Ari the Cherry Moonlit Hermit | More info: Facebook
Fate 2:30 PM A meetup for cosplayers from the Fate (/stay night, /Grand Order, etc.) multiverse!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Cuvii | More info: Facebook
Touhou Project 3 PM This is a meetup for Touhou Project fans and cosplayers at Anime NYC
Area: 1 | Organizer: Copper Reverie | More info: Facebook
Tokusatsu & Power Rangers 3 PM To celebrate the live action shows of Japan
Area: 2 | Organizer: Heaven’s Gem Cosplay | More info: Facebook
My Hero Academia 4 PM A place for all the MHA fans to show all your plus ultra cosplays!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Ruth | More info: Facebook
Fairytail 4:30 PM Come join us at the Grand Magic Games!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Bamala Cosplay | More info: Facebook
Sword Art Online 5 PM Meetup/Photoshoot for Sword Art Online. Come join us to have fun and take photos! 
Area: 1 | Organizer: KawaiiBunny Cosplay | More info: Facebook
Sailor Moon 5 PM Moonies, let’s reunite (safely!) to get our love & justice on!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Rizuki | More info: Facebook
The Legend of Zelda 6 PM Celebrating Zelda’s 35th anniversary!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Venal Fax | More info: Facebook
Lolita Fashion 6 PM Anyone into Lolita fashion can come and make friends and take pictures!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Bunny | More info: Discord


Bleach 10:30 AM BANKAI! Get your Zanpaktō ready! Here for any Bleach or Burn the Witch fans to meet up and celebrate the works of Tite Kubo! Arrancar, Quincy, Soul Reaper, Visored, Welcome and More!
Area: 2 | Organizer: AkiRose_Volk | More info: Facebook
Cookie Run 11 AM A meetup to take photos and meet other fans!
Area: 1 | Organizer: AppleJackies | More info: Facebook
Loki 11 AM Full of Loki’s and Variants alike
Area: 2 | Organizer: Aikosakura | More info: Facebook
Demon Slayer 11:30 AM Coming soon
Area: 1 | Organizer: Tevin Jones | More info: Coming soon
Hololive & Vtubers 12 PM For the first time, Anime NYC will be hosting its very own Hololive and Vtuber cosplay meetup
Area: 1 | Organizer: QT / Milton | More info: Wix
Bungou Stray Dogs 12 PM A meetup for fans and cosplayers of Bungou Stray Dogs. To the stray dogs!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Gooseleif | More info: Facebook
Fruits Basket 1 PM Let’s get together always! Let have fun, enjoy this amazing meetup! Have fun with us before endless new banquet!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Fairyflameotaku25 | More info: Facebook
One Piece 1 PM The meetup will be a One Piece Photoshoot
Area: 2 | Organizer: intr0vertedcosplay | More info: Facebook
My Hero Academia 1:30 PM Greetings Heros! It’s time to show off your quirks because we’re having a Boku No Hero photo shoot. So if you’re cosplaying Boku No Hero then feel free to drop by! Mash-ups and variations welcome! See you then!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Kurohyou Productions | More info: Facebook
Inuyasha & Yashahime 2 PM A meet and greet/photoshoot for all cosplayers and lovers of the Inuyasha and Yashahime series
Area: 1 | Organizer: Metaphysical Cosplay All Day | More info: Facebook
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure 2 PM Get ready to strike a signature JoJo pose! All parts are welcome, it’ll be a fun time to take photos and cry over best JoJo Bro! (Ambulance-kun and Roadroller-san are welcome)
Area: 2 | Organizer: coconut_cherricos
| More info: Facebook
Attack On Titan 2:30 PM If you win, you live. If you lose, you die. If you don’t fight, you can’t win!
Area: 1 | Organizer: Bamala Cosplay | More info: Facebook
Neon Genesis Evangelion 3 PM New and long time Evangelion fans, join us for the second ever Anime NYC Neon Gensis Evangelion cosplay meetup! Come as your favorite character from the show/movies!
Area: 1 | Organizer: cosplay.cutiee | More info: Wix
Squid Game 3 PM Have you ever dreamed of playing some familiar childhood games like ddakji, Tug of War, and Red Light, Green Light? Planning on cosplaying as Players or Guards for Anime NYC? Well, come join us for the SQUID GAME meet-up!
Area: 2 | Organizer: Owl’s Gaze Cosplay | More info: Discord
Dragon Ball 4 PM Last time on Dragon Ball Z, a mysterious portal appeared and gathered all the DBZ characters from the multiverse to the Javits Center for a… photoshoot?
Area: 2 | Organizer: Jevil | More info: Coming soon