Anime NYC and our friends at RetroCrush are presenting four online watch parties during Anime NYC. All of these online exclusive events encourage fans around the country to hang out together, chat, and celebrate the 50th anniversary of LUPIN THE 3rd!

All online watch parties are free and will take place on RetoCrush’s YouTube Channel.

NOV 19LUPIN THE 3rd: Alcatraz Connection – Starting at 8 PM EST
Master thief Lupin III, gunslinger Jigen and swordmaster Goemon are back for a new caper, this time aboard the casino-ship Machine Gun Kelly. Between the mafia, interpol, and a secret organization based under Alcatraz, the gang might have signed up for more adventure than they bargained for!

NOV 20LUPIN THE 3rd: Operation Return The Treasure – Starting at 8 PM EST
Bored of robbing Moscow casinos, Lupin sets his sights on the legendary Trick Diamond, once stolen by his late rival Mark Williams. But instead of the diamond, Lupin and Jigen find Fujiko, who relays Mark’s dying challenge: return all the other treasures he stole to reveal the location of the gem.

NOV 21 DOUBLE FEATURE! LUPIN THE 3rd: The Elusiveness of Fog and LUPIN THE 3rd: The Last Job – Starting at 7 PM EST
The Elusiveness of Fog – Lupin’s attempt to steal a time machine causes a crazy mishap! Now stuck in ancient Japan, his team and Inspector Zenigata must join forces to get back to their own time. But notorious thief Lupin has enemies everywhere… and everywhen! How could someone possibly know him from 500 years ago?

The Last Job – Lupin and his companions have their sights on a Japanese cultural treasure, a priceless Buddha statue. But when a mysterious group of ninja thieves get the jump on them, it might just be the gang’s last job…!