Kick off Anime NYC Online with an anisong DJ bash! We’re proud to shine a spotlight on AniParty on Tuesday, Nov 17 from 8:45 to 10:45 PM Eastern! AniParty’s anisong party will be broadcast exclusively through the NTWRK app.

Tuesday, November 17
8:45 to 10:45 PM Eastern


AniParty is a US anime song (anisong) DJ club which draws influence from the “anikura” music nightclub subculture popularized in Tokyo. Anikura centers around the A-Pop (a shortened form of Akiba-Pop) genre of music, which is an eclectic fusion of anime songs (OPs, EDs, and insert songs from anime series, video games, and visual novels), otaku-centric J-Pop, J-Idol music, and popular fan-created works such as Vocaloid and Touhou.

Anikura has seen a massive surge in popularity over recent years with multiple events every weekend in nightclubs across all of Japan. The goal of AniParty is to create an authentic, faithful anikura experience for North American fans.

AniParty was founded in 2018 by a group of anisong fans and J-Idol enthusiasts with a passion for bringing the high-energy, coordinated frenzy of the anisong live concert crowd atmosphere and eclectic A-Pop club scene to the Western world.

Principally based in New York City, AniParty sports a history of hosting anisong club events across the Northeast US. Beyond featuring US DJs, AniParty had the privilege of hosting an extremely successful anisong DJ straight from Tokyo – DJ Hitomi – in 2019. Additionally, AniPary collaborates with Lumica and had the tremendous opportunity of Guest DJing at Anime NYC’s 2019 official Club Love Live! After Party hosted by SONICBOOMBOX alongside accomplished anisong artist and songwriter ZAQ.