Anime NYC is proud to welcome guests from around the anime world and give fans the rare opportunity to meet the women and men at the heart of anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture! See below for details about Anime NYC’s 2021 Autograph Program.


Most of our American guests will sign autographs all three days of Anime NYC. These guests will sign for several hours each day, and you simply need to go to their autograph table and pay for an autograph. There’s a cost, but thousands of fans will be able to meet them. Our paid signing area is now in the back of Hall 3B – part of the Expo Floor – and much bigger to allow for more guests, more fans, and more autographs.

For every autographing session, items signed are at the discretion of each guest.

Prices listed are for autographs. Guests may charge different and separate amounts for selfies, voice recordings, combos, etc.

A.J. Beckles Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $30 / Selfie: $30 / Combo: $50
Aleks Le Fri (1-3PM only)/ Sat/Sun Autograph: $30 / Selfie: $20 / Combo: $50
Amanda “AmaLee” Lee Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph 8×10 or personal item: $30 / Selfie: $20 / Combo: $40 / 11x17s (Gloss) – $40 / 11×17’s (Holo) – $50 / CDs – $20
Anairis Quinones Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $30 / Selfie: $30 / Combo: $50
Bryce Papenbrook Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $30 ($50 for prop swords, statues, or Funko pops)  / Selfie: $30 / Combo: $50
Christopher Sabat Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $50 / v: $50 / Combo: $80 / Inscriptions or Quotes: +$10
Colleen Clinkenbeard Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $40 / Combo: $60
David Matranga Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $40 / Combo: $60
Doug Erholtz Fri/Sat/Sun Prices will be available onsite at the autographing table.
Emily Neves Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $30 / Selfie: $30 / Combo: $50
Jason Liebrecht Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $20 / Combo: $50
Lex Lang Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $20 / Combo: $50
Max Mittelman Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $30 / Combo: $60
Michelle Ruff Fri 2-3:30PM/ Sat 11AM – 1PM, 4:30 – 6:30PM/ Sun 11AM – 1PM Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $20 / Combo: $50
Ray Chase Fri/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $30 / Combo: $60
Ricco Fajardo Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $40 / Combo: $60
Richard Epcar Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $40 / Combo: $75
Robbie Daymond Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $30 / Combo: $60
Sean Schemmel Sat/Sun Prices will be available onsite at the autographing table.
Shinji Aramaki Sat Autographs will be available by lottery only
Tony Oliver Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $25 / Selfie: $15 / Combo: $30
Zach Aguilar Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $40 / Selfie: $40 / Combo: $60
Zeno Robinson Fri/Sat/Sun Autograph: $30 / Selfie: $20 / Combo: $45


Join Alex Gross (Axl Low) and Amber Lee Connors (I-No) for a free signing to celebrate Guilty Gear Strive. This signing will take place from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM on Saturday, Nov 20 in Anime NYC’s Autographing Area in the Rear of Hall 3B. Alex and Amber will sign Guilty Gear postcards provided by Arc System Works. Alex and Amber will not be signing any other items. Limit one signed postcard per fan.


We’re honored to feature rare appearances from Japanese guests, and we are offering autograph tickets for these guests through free pre-show lotteries. This system will allow as many fans as possible an even opportunity to access very limited autographs.

Each of these guests has their own lottery. You can enter as few or as many as you’d like. And it doesn’t matter when you enter. All entries will be weighed the same. After our lottery is over, we will randomly pick winners and contact everyone who entered – whether you won or not.

You can enter multiple lotteries, but you cannot enter the same lottery more than once. You MUST enter with your real name, and duplicate entries will be deleted. If you win, when you claim your autograph ticket, you MUST show Photo ID. If your ID does not match the name you submitted online, you cannot claim your ticket. Autograph tickets are non transferable. No exceptions.


We know there’s a lot of information here, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at