Anime NYC is proud to welcome guests from around the anime world and give fans the rare opportunity to meet the people at the heart of anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture!


We’re honored to feature rare appearances from major guests, and we are offering autograph tickets for these guests through free pre-show lotteries. Our pre-show lottery system allows every fan an equal chance at autograph tickets to our rarest guests.

Each guest has their own lottery. You can enter as few or as many as you’d like. And it doesn’t matter when you enter. All entries will be weighed the same. After our lottery is over, we will randomly pick winners and contact everyone who entered – whether you won or not.

You can enter multiple lotteries, but you cannot enter the same lottery more than once. You MUST enter with the email associated with your badge and your name as it appears on your photo ID. Duplicate entries will be deleted. If you win, when you claim your autograph ticket, you MUST show Photo ID. If your ID does not match the name you submitted online, you cannot claim your ticket.

Our autograph tickets are wristbands that will be placed on your arm by staff. Do not try to remove your wristband until your signing. If there are any signs of tampering when you arrive for your autograph session, you cannot claim your autograph.

You must have a badge to enter the free lottery. You will need to use the email address associated with the badge to enter. Entries that do not have a badge associated with them will be deleted.

Click here for instructions on how to associate an email address with a badge


Several of our guests will be offering paid autographing opportunities in our Autographing area. These sessions will be first come, first served and pricing will be listed at their tables. Please be aware that all Anime NYC autographing guests reserves the right to refuse to sign any items at their discretion. More information coming soon.


Some guests will be offering autographs in manners different from those described above. More information coming soon.



No, only our rarest guests are in the lottery. Any guest who is signing for multiple hours on multiple days isn’t in the lottery at all. There are also some guests signing in booths who are not in the lottery.

It various with each guest, but there are typically 100 winners for each signing session.

No. You can enter any time during the lottery period. Entering early does not increase your chances of winning.

Each guest has their own lottery. You can enter as many lotteries as you want, but you can only enter each of them once. Entering the same lottery multiple times does not increase your chances of winning. Duplicate entries will be deleted and repeated attempts at duplicate entries may void all your lottery entries without notification.

Attempts to by pass the one entry per person rule may void all your lottery entries without notification.

Yes. You must enter with your full real name, and this name must match your Photo ID. If you win, you must bring your Photo ID with you to claim your autograph ticket. If your name does not match your ID, you will be unable to claim your autograph ticket.

While your real name must be used to enter and claim your autograph ticket, you can ask the guest to personalize (if allowed, some guests may opt not to offer personalizations) your autograph to your preferred name.

If your child is a minor and does not have a photo ID, there will be an option on the lottery page for you to indicate as such. Please note that your child must have a badge to enter the lottery. You can show your own photo ID during ticket pick up, along something official with your child’s name on it, such as a school report card or school notice.

If you wish to pass your autograph ticket on to someone else, both parties must be on-site. The winner must present their ID to claim the ticket and the wristband will be placed on the other person’s arm. The winner cannot collect the wristband to give away to someone else at another time.

Yes, each lottery is run independently. Winning or losing one doesn’t impact your chances to win another.

Please email us at [email protected] to have the entry removed.

No, and we recommend that you only enter the lotteries you are interested in winning and attending a signing for. Excessive no-shows and cancellations may lead to being barred from entering future lotteries.

We can make exceptions in these specific cases.

If your child is underage, you are welcome to accompany them.

If you have a specific medical need and need a helper present, we can accommodate this.

We’re sorry but they are not able to accept gifts.

Some guests have restrictions on what items they will sign, please respect their decision. All our autographing guests reserves the right to refuse to sign any items at their discretion.

Unclaimed tickets may be distributed 20 minutes prior to a guest’s signing. If you arrive any earlier, you may be turned away. Please respect the requests of our staff, crew, and security to keep the area clear for current guest signings.


Pricing will vary by guest. We do not have advanced pricing information, please visit their table on site for pricing.

Selfies will be at the guests’ discretion. Please ask at their table.

Guests typically sign during show floor hours, unless they are on a break or at a panel. Please visit their table for times.

You are welcome to bring a small gift, but it will be at a guests discretion whether they can accept it or not.

If you do not have an item you want signed, our guests will have photos available to sign.

Many of our guests will sign personal items. Please be aware there may be an additional charge for certain items, such as Funkos. Information on any additional charges will be available at their table. All our autographing guests reserves the right to refuse to sign any items at their discretion.

Have any other questions? Send an email over to [email protected]