As a Pony Canyon producer, Shinichi Nakamura has worked on many popular titles including Tsurune, Liz and the Blue Bird, A Silent Voice, Sound! Euphonium, Violet Evergarden, Free!, Beyond the Boundary, Tamako Market, Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, K-On!, CLANNAD, Kanon, AIR, Rozen Maiden, Baby, Please Kill Me!, and more. Nakamura has also worked as a music producer on titles such as Kase-san and Morning Glories, A Silent Voice, Baby, Please Kill Me!, Tamako Market, Cute High Earth Defense Club, and more.

Shinichi Nakamura is coming to Anime NYC thanks to PONY CANYON and will appear at our Sound! Euphonium screening and more! Full schedule coming soon.