Haruki Kashiwakura, born in 1982, is a Japanese Anime and Game Director. He has been the 3DCG Animator/Director for anime like Bokurano, Blassreiter, and Garo: Guren no Tsuki. His most renowned work is Expelled from Paradise, which he participated in as the Motion Director.

He is currently the director of TOKYO CHRONOS. TOKYO CHRONOS is a VR Visual Novel project by leading Japanese anime creators. Its crowdfunding projects raised more than $150,000 from backers all over the world last year. The PSVR version was released on August 22nd in Japan this year and it debuted as No.1 in the VR category of the PSVR Store. The US release was on August 26th.

He is part of the AniVRJapan project – showcasing new projects bringing anime and virtual reality together. Meet him at the AniVRJapan booth (1717) and panel (Sunday at 12:00 PM in Room 1E15).

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