Hilary Haag has voiced more than 150 characters primarily for Sentai Filmworks in Houston, TX. After attending Texas A&M University, Hilary moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. After a few years, fate brought her home to Texas and delivered her to an audition for “cartoon voices” at what was ADV Films. Voicing characters from a bimbo lesbian werewolf (Kiss from Sorcerer on the Rocks) to a slobbering potty-mouthed superhero (Super Milk Chan) and everything in between has kept Hilary busy for almost two decades.

She is probably most recognized as Satsuki from Ghost Stories, as well as Tessa from Fullmetal Alchemist, Sister Rosette Christopher from Chrono Crusade, Chloe from Noir, and Nene from Bubblegum Crisis 2040.

Hilary loves to play characters that may have bi-polar tendencies such as Karinka from Steel Angel Kurumi. That role, it was said that she “can curse like a sailor, but sound like an angel.” Hilary is so grateful to have had a long career voice acting, and she is excited to share some of her upcoming projects with Anime NYC.

Hilary will appear on panels and conduct signings throughout Anime NYC.