Born in a tiny Colorado mountain town to an American mother and Japanese father, Hugh Amano’s devotion to exploring food and culture has taken him around the world, enriching him as a chef and writer. A graduate of The University of Colorado and New England Culinary Institute, he was the opening sous chef of Chicago’s exploration of Macanese cuisine, Fat Rice, and co-authored The Adventures of Fat Rice (Ten Speed Press, 2016). He is a chef and writer in Chicago, where the familiar comforts of ramen always welcome him home.

Hugh is appearing on the Ramen: Illustrated panel at 12 PM on Sunday in Room 1E13.

Anime NYC presents “Ramen: Illustrated” – a panel discussion featuring the creators of the newly released comic book cookbook, “Let’s Make Ramen!” – chef/author Hugh Amano and illustrator/artist Sarah Becan – alongside home-cook and ramen-educator extraordinaire Mike “Ramen_Lord” Satinover of Akahoshi Ramen! Join us as they breakdown and demystify the ramen creating process, talk about the gate-way pleasures that come with learning HOW-TO make this wildly-beloved dish from scratch and, hopefully, inspire a new-wave of passionate ramen-lovers to boldly jumpstart their own ramen-journey – ultimately creating a movement which will influence the dynamic evolution of ramen in America. If you’ve ever wished you could somehow re-create that amazing bowl you slurped at your favorite ramen shop… this panel is for YOU!!!

And for all you budding artists/illustrators out there who are curious about how such a cool project like a graphic-novel cookbook comes to life – come get inspired and hear the book’s origin-story from chef/author Hugh Amano and comics-illustrator Sarah Becan!!
Moderator and self-professed ramen-nerd Jamie Li from will lead this illuminating discussion followed by Q&A.

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