Mike Satinover is a ramen enthusiast and amateur cook best known by the moniker “Ramen Lord.” In addition to giving away countless ramen recipes through Reddit and Instagram, he writes a column for TheTakeout.com regarding the finer points of ramen. His recipes have been featured on Serious Eats and have used by ramen chefs across the United States as benchmarks for various styles in ramen. Most recently, he has hosted a popup ramen shop called “Akahoshi,” and his ramen has been called “the best ramen in Chicago” by The Chicago Tribune. He has also hosted popup ramen events in Atlanta, Nashville, and in NYC. Eater Chicago called him “Internet-Famous,” which he finds mildly hilarious and weird.

Mike has studied ramen meticulously for the last 10 years. He focuses on Sapporo style ramen, having lived in Sapporo for a year, and is known for going to Japan and consuming several dozens of bowls of ramen in week-long stints. He is passionate about exposing the secrets of ramen and demystifying the dish for consumers and chefs alike.

Mike is appearing on the Ramen: Illustrated panel at 12 PM on Sunday in Room 1E13.

Anime NYC presents “Ramen: Illustrated” – a panel discussion featuring the creators of the newly released comic book cookbook, “Let’s Make Ramen!” – chef/author Hugh Amano and illustrator/artist Sarah Becan – alongside home-cook and ramen-educator extraordinaire Mike “Ramen_Lord” Satinover of Akahoshi Ramen! Join us as they breakdown and demystify the ramen creating process, talk about the gate-way pleasures that come with learning HOW-TO make this wildly-beloved dish from scratch and, hopefully, inspire a new-wave of passionate ramen-lovers to boldly jumpstart their own ramen-journey – ultimately creating a movement which will influence the dynamic evolution of ramen in America. If you’ve ever wished you could somehow re-create that amazing bowl you slurped at your favorite ramen shop… this panel is for YOU!!!

And for all you budding artists/illustrators out there who are curious about how such a cool project like a graphic-novel cookbook comes to life – come get inspired and hear the book’s origin-story from chef/author Hugh Amano and comics-illustrator Sarah Becan!!
Moderator and self-professed ramen-nerd Jamie Li from Ramentality.com will lead this illuminating discussion followed by Q&A.

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