Ricco Fajardo is an actor whose performances have been seen in many ways – on stage, film, commercials, voice-over, animation, motion-capture, and more. If it involves the body and voice, he’s done it! While known locally in Dallas for his indie film work, most folks best know him for his roles in anime and video games. Ricco’s most recent credits include the leader of the Silver Eagles, Nozel, in Black Clover, the enigmatic Kotaro in Zombie Land Saga, the strong and sweet Taiju in Dr. STONE, and the powerful Mirio Togata in My Hero Academia. Ricco is an avid gamer and watcher of anime and movies, and he also loves being physically active and cats. He is from San Jose, CA and lives in Dallas.

Ricco Fajardo will be appearing at Anime NYC all three days. He will appear on panels and hold paid signing sessions.

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