Well known as the voice of Saitama in One-Punch Man, Max Mittelman has also given life to the hotheaded troublemaker with a heart of gold, Ryuji, in Persona 5, the carefree and always hungry Plagg in Miraculous Ladybug, and the lazy yet virtuous sin of sloth, King, from Seven Deadly Sins.

His other notable projects include Final Fantasy VII Remake (Red XIII), Bungo Stray Dogs (Atsushi), Borderlands 3 (Troy Calypso), Fire Emblem (Leo, Gray, Kaden, Forrest, Gordin), Hunter x Hunter (Meruem), Gundam SEED (Kira Yamato) Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Ein Dalton), Gundam Thunderbolt (Io Fleming), Your Lie in April (Kousei), Bugsnax (Filbo Fiddlepie), Kingdom Hearts 2.8 (Luxu), Mob Psycho 100 (Ritsu), Marvel’s Spider-Man (Harry Osborn), Ben 10 (Overflow), ThunderCats Roar (Lion-O, Wilykat), Fallout 4 (Zeke), Transformers (Blurr), Justice Leauge Action (Jimmy Olsen), Star Ocean 5 (Fidel), World of WarCraft (Ara’lon, Prince Farondis), Boruto (Konohamaru), Sword Art Online II (Jun), Tales of Berseria (Shigure), Atelier: Escha & Logy (Logy), Halo 5 (Rooker), and Demon Slayer (Sabito).

He is a proud founding member of the comedy and gaming troupe Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying (LAVA), which he shares with fellow actors Ray Chase and Robbie Daymond.

Max will appear on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. He will appear on panels and host paid autograph sessions each day. He will host a Loud, Annoying, and Very Annoying special event together with Ray Chase and Robbie Daymond.

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