After many years watching men comment on the content she held dear Frankey Smith decided to take things into her own hands. She started by creating a blog with the moniker Fantastic Frankey.  With the mission to normalize the female voice in a male-dominated community. Frankey created a nerd debate forum on social media by using polarizing statements in speech bubbles. She quickly became known as “The Fanboy Fighter” the daughter of an avid comic book reader. Frankey grew up fully emerged in nerd culture.  After a visit to Yokosuka, Japan she found her second love in anime. In 2020 Frankey was selected to become an official Facebook creator through their “We Are The Culture” program. Frankey now spends her time reviewing comics, anime, sci-fi, and fantasy, providing her unique outlook to dissect the content.

Fantastic Frankey will appear at Anime NYC to host the Noir Caesar Presents: The Fanboy Fighter Forum panel. She will also be a special guest at Saturday night’s Anime NYC Official Afterparty.

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