Kyle Colby Jones

Kyle is the director of Sentai’s English dub of Haikyu!! Look for him at Haikyu!! events at Anime NYC together with Bryson Baugus and Scott Gibbs!

Kyle Colby Jones has been in the anime industry as a director, writer, producer and actor since 2007. He began his dubbing career at ADV Films and currently works at Sentai Filmworks.

Some of his more notable recent anime series include Akame ga Kill, Parasyte, No Game No Life, Food Wars, GATE, Umaru-chan, Monster Musume, My Love Story, Log Horizon, Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, Fate/kaleid, Gatchaman Crowds, Outbreak Company, Muv-Luv, Super Sonico, Sunday Without God, and Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Kyle has directed several classic titles as well, including Saint Seiya, Air, Kanon, Madlax, Kino’s Journey, Diamond Daydreams, Phi-Brain, and the stupendously amazing Papuwa. Also included in Kyle’s library are several feature films like No Game No Life: Zero, Girls und Panzer Der Film, Short Peace, Martian Successor Nadesico: Prince of Darkness, and Gintama: The Movie.

Kyle has also served as writer/director on many theatrical live-action dubs such as Dark Water, Gamera: Attack of Legion, Gamera: Revenge of Iris, Ghost Train, Conduct Zero, Synesthesia, Guns & Talks, and Big Bad Mama-San.

Before anime, Kyle enjoyed a successful career as an advertising copywriter. He created award-winning television, radio, print, and outdoor campaigns for such clients as IKEA, Norelco, Verizon, Milky Way, Twix, Uncle Ben’s Minute Rice, LPGA, Shell, Space Center, and the Houston Texans. Look closely, and you may find some of Kyle’s other diversions… He’s a big fan of altered content and special features. Such as Madlax Sock Puppet Theatre, Conversations with SSS, and Lake Texarkana Gamera.

When not in the studio, Kyle enjoys filming, photography, and questioning the need for Oxford commas. Visit Kyle on Twitter, YouTube, and