Hall 1B – Yes. The Entire Hall.

New for 2024! We are so excited that Hall 1B is our new dedicated gaming hall!

We now have an 80,000 sq ft space dedicated to gaming!

So. What’ll it be?
Free to play consoles? Show me your best combo!
Board games? Victory points aplenty!
VR? It’s bigger on the inside!
Japanese arcade games? Become a drift king!
TCG? Get your decks ready!
Riichi Mahjong? Show me your best defense!

Japanese Arcade Games by Psychic Drive

Anime NYC is proud to welcome back our friends at Psychic Drive! Psychic Drive is an arcade company focused on making authentic arcade hardware available for people to enjoy. Most of their machines are Japanese, with a focus on niche and unique games. Fans can enjoy the following games all weekend long…

Console Gaming by Defend the North

We’re proud to welcome Defend the North to Anime NYC, and they’ll be bringing the best of console gaming for our anime fans all weekend long. Defend the North is NYC’s Premiere Fighting Game Community Conference. They are dedicated to creating awareness and appreciation for video games, and are proudly based out of NYC! Head to their booth to play the below games and many more…

VR Zone by Baz LLC

At Anime NYC, the VR Zone by Baz LLC offers an unparalleled, immersive experience that transports attendees into the heart of a variety of fun and exciting stories. With cutting-edge virtual reality technology, this zone provides an exciting opportunity to step directly into the shoes of characters in a virtual world.

Experience the thrill and wonder of being transported somewhere else while never leaving Anime NYC! All this awaits in the Gaming Area!

Mahjong by Riichi Nomi

Riichi Nomi NYC, established in 2020, is a New York City based riichi mahjong club that is open to people of all skill and experience levels. We were established to foster an inclusive, educational, competitive, and most importantly fun forum for our members to play the game we all love.

Riichi Mahjong is a descendant of traditional Chinese Mahjong, developed and played primarily in Japan. With special rules that emphasize defense as well as offense, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular variants played worldwide. Learn to play with Riichi Nomi in our Gaming Area during Anime NYC!

And more to come!

We’re still adding partners to this space. We are so looking forward finally having a gaming hall for Anime NYC!