Haruki Kashiwakura, born in 1982, is a Japanese Anime and Game Director. He has been the 3DCG Animator/Director for anime like Bokurano, Blassreiter, and Garo: Guren no Tsuki. His most renowned work is Expelled from Paradise, which he participated in as the Motion Director. He is currently the director of TOKYO CHRONOS.

TOKYO CHRONOS is a VR Visual Novel project by leading Japanese anime creators. Its crowdfunding projects raised more than US$150,000 from 1,662 backers all over the world. By taking inspiration from both animation and visual novels, the VR Visual Novel will be a totally new way of storytelling, and its mixture of gorgeous visual animation and a new comic-style UI will depict suspense and drama! The project team is led by Kazuma Miki, the producer of Sword Art Online.

When, and why, have we become separated?
A group of eight childhood friends —
The time has come for the truth to be revealed. 
Trapped in an empty, deserted Shibuya where time has frozen over. 
A strange world where the eight disappear one by one.
— I am dead. Who killed me?

Meet the director of TOKYO CHRONOS at the TOKYO CHRONOS panel (Panel Room 4 – Sat – 7:15 PM) and see the world premiere of the official trailer and TOKYO CHRONOS’s main theme song!