(Ramen Lab / Sun Noodle)

As a child, Kenshiro Uki dreamt of traveling the world playing soccer. Now, he travels the world as a third-generation artisan noodle maker. Following in his father Hidehito’s footsteps, Kenshiro joined the family business fresh out of graduate school, where he traveled between Sun Noodle’s Hawaii and California factories. In 2012, Kenshiro opened the company’s New Jersey facility and led the expansion of Sun Noodle to restaurants in New York, Miami, Chicago, and major cities in Europe. Kenshiro also oversees Ramen Lab operations in Manhattan, where he works one-on-one with chefs to create a culture of regional ramen across America.

Kenshiro will appear at Anime NYC on the Ramen Summit – Sunday at 1:30 PM in Panel Room 1.