(Amateur Ramen-Cook – Chicago)

Mike Satinover (aka “Ramen_Lord”) is an amateur ramen chef and the creative force behind Akahoshi, a ramen pop-up in Chicago. Mike has studied ramen meticulously for the last nine years. His ramen obsession kicked off in 2009, when he lived in Sapporo, Hokkaido. There, he fell in love with Sapporo classics like the miso bowls from Junren, Sumire, and Saimi. Upon returning to the USA, he began making ramen extensively at home to try and capture that experience he had grown so accustomed to, eventually sharing his findings and recipes for free on Reddit. He has been featured on Serious Eats and in The Chicago Tribune for his ramen efforts. This is his second time at Ramen Lab, and he is looking forward to pushing the boundaries of ramen in NYC.

Mike will appear at Anime NYC on the Ramen Summit – Sunday at 1:30 PM in Panel Room 1.