Elizabeth Rage is a full time cosplayer and costume designer who specializes in the creation of 3D waifus! From growing up in a theater, Rage has always held a special place in her heart for strong, sexy femme fatales and quirky side characters. Her most notable works include Camie from My Hero Academia, Meiko Shiraki from Prison School, as well as various versions of Saber from the Fate series. She was also one of the first Bowsette cosplays to hit the internet in 2018 and won the grand prize in the 2015 D23 Mousequerade for her 8 foot tall creation of the Matterhorn Yeti.

Rage has also appeared in many viral YouTube videos since her debut in 2012 with an internet footprint well over 200 million views. She has also professionally created official costumes for Man At Arms as well as for gaming companies such as Cygames for Shadowverse and Bandai Namco for Soulcalibur. Rage hopes to use her social media influence to help others to normalize and celebrate human sexuality and empower people to never give up on living out their best life. Come by the SONICBOOMBOX booth to say hi.

Elizabeth Rage will appear all three days at the SONICBOOMBOX Booth (1851)