Pitchfork Cosplay is a New York-based cosplayer who has competed in and won major craftsmanship awards at multiple competitions across the US. Her areas of focus include textiles, sewing, leatherwork, 3D modeling, and digital fabrication. With a range inclusive of source-accurate recreations, to create original takes on favorite characters, her costumes are known for accuracy, fit, embellishment and finishing. Pitchfork Cosplay is excited to join the judge’s panel for Anime NYC as both an anime fan and a New Yorker, and is looking forward to celebrating the amazing creativity of all the contestants.

Pitchfork will be judging the Anime NYC Masquerade featuring BanG Dream! on Saturday, November 16th and hosting the panel Leatherworking Basics on Sunday, November 17th at 2:00 PM in room 1E06. She will also lead the kids parade on Sunday.

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