Jay White made his pro debut in September 2013, before attending the December 2014 NJPW tryout, and joining the Dojo in January 2015. On his return from learning excursion to the US in November 2017, he had reinvented himself as the devious scheming Switchblade, and by 2018 had betrayed CHAOS and poached the services of Gedo, before joining BULLET CLUB.

As skilled in the ring as he is in Machiavellian schemes, White had won both IWGP Intercontinental and IWGP Heavyweight Championships within two years of his return. Heading into Wrestle Kingdom 15, however, he wanted to hold both at the same time. 

Defeating Kota Ibushi in Osaka in November 2020, White held a right to challenge the double IWGP Champion at the Tokyo Dome and chose to do it on night two of Wrestle Kingdom 15. After the longest match in Tokyo Dome history and 48 minutes of intense warfare, White fell short. 

An emotional Switchblade decided to quit but was brought back out of hatred for Tomohiro Ishii, who cost him his G1 Climax 30 hopes in 2020. Delivering a punishing loss to Ishii at Castle Attack, he was full of confidence heading into his first ‘New Japan Cup’ in March of 2021.

Jay White will appear on Saturday. He will appear on the New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s New Mobile Game: Strong Spirits’ Last Milestone for Global Release Panel