Animated chaos with CypherDen, CurtRichy, Ivan Animated, and Frugal Aesthetic. Find their latest videos at

CurtRichy – Producer and host for Crunchyroll and a member of the YouTube Channel Recreyo. He can also be found discussing things he probably shouldn’t on his manga-influenced personal channel CurtRichy, as well as introducing fashion in anime to an anime hater on 3RDIMPACT. Formerly, he wrote and hosted anime video essays on Get In The Robot.”

CypherDen – 6’2” behemoth and full-time air breather.

Frugal Aesthetic – Anime hater, net worth $979,864

Ivan Animated Ivan is not animated at all actually and is in fact, a real person. Please be nice.

Recreyo will appear on the Anime Waifu Tier List panel on Friday and Cartoon Punch X Recreyo panel on Saturday

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