Chef Shigetoshi Nakamura

Chef Shigetoshi Nakamura will appear Sunday at Anime NYC as part of the NYC Ramen Summit.

Hailed as one of Japan’s four Ramen Gods, Chef Nakamura experienced colossal success in Japan after he opened Nakamura-Ya when he was only 22. Always seeking to share his craft with America, he partnered with Sun Noodle, the leading US-based ramen noodle manufacturer, and made his American debut at Sun Noodle’s Ramen Lab, again receiving critical acclaim. Chef Nakamura opened his own shop – Nakamura – in the Lower East Side in 2016.

Nakamura’s ramen is available across Japan through multiple restaurants and collaborations with Nissin and Maruchan. He’s appeared on TV, Paris Ramen Week, and was the first ever ramen chef ever to be given an Extraordinary Ability or Achievement Visa by the United States.

His distinct style of draining water from his noodles – “Tenkuu Otoshi” (Heaven’s Drop) – is his signature move.