Philip Amara eats, drinks, and breathes comic books. As a kid, he spent Saturdays at Boston comic shops. He wrote about comics for newspapers and magazines. In college, he did a comics radio show. In graduate school, he wrote even more about comics. Phil worked as an editor for one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles creators, as well as Kitchen Sink Press, the publisher of The Spirit. He lived in Japan, where comic books are everywhere! He is the co-creator of Burglar Girls, The Nevermen, and Sky Ape. In Oregon, he worked as an editor for Dark Horse Comics. The books he edited have won some cool awards, and he’s worked with many talented creators. He wrote for Star Wars and Aliens, among others. He was the editor of SpyBoy, Planet of the Apes, Terminator, Predator, Superman and Green Lantern DC Comics crossovers, Madman, the Eisner Award-winning Sock Monkey, as well as co-editor on the American Illustration Award-winning Scatterbrain. He’s currently a teacher for Boston Public Schools, where he created the Mighty Writers program to introduce his students to the power of animation, film, and, of course, comic books. When Phil’s not writing about comics, he might be writing about food for the Boston Phoenix. His first children’s book was The Treehouse Heroes. It’s not a comic, but it certainly could be. Phil is the co-author of our new series The Asian Hall of Fame, which explores how cool inventions came from Asia. The first story is The Discovery of Ramen and the second adventure is The Discovery of Fireworks and Gunpowder. Hold onto your seats as we travel back in time to learn about more amazing creations from more countries!

Phil will present a panel on The Asian Hall of Fame at Anime NYC.