Josh Martin has been the voice of Majin Buu (Fat, Evil, and Kid) from Dragon Ball Z and Commander Red from the original Dragon Ball since 2001, as well as memorable characters from Lupin the 3rd and Yosaku from One Piece. Josh has also written and produced short films; co-owned, operated, and performed in improv, sketch, and musical comedy troupes; and even was part of the Barney (the purple dinosaur) award-winning world tour. When he’s not in the recording booth, he’s serving up fresh rhymes with his bandmates in the Original Beastie Boys Tribute Band Rhymin’ N Stealin’.

Anime’s Odd Couple! Considered one of the most random pairings ever in the anime world, Mr. Satan and Majin Buu not only united as warriors in battle but also became roommates. Ah, Dragon Ball Z! Now, to celebrate 20 years as these beloved characters, their voice actors and real-life best friends – Chris Rager and Josh Martin – want to meet the fans that helped make it possible. They were once roommates, too. True story. Meet them both at the Wize Guys Booth (1451) all weekend.